Do you think Jason Garrett ever regrets his decision?

October 14, 2010 |

Over the past couple years, I’ve occasionally pondered the plight of Jason Garrett. You remember him, right?

He’s the genius, Princeton-grad who spent a few years as a backup quarterback in the NFL, before trading his helmet for a headset and clipboard, in a coaching capacity.

He’s also the guy who made a potentially career-defining blunder in rejecting an offer to become the Baltimore Ravens head coach, nearly 3 years ago.

On the heels of Brian Billick’s departure, the Ravens had settled on Jason Garrett as “their guy.” And, with Garrett’s arrival for an entire day’s worth of talks, while his wife “supposedly” looked at houses, many of us simply assumed he would become the team’s new leader on the sidelines.

He said all the right things …..

“I had a really productive day today. I’m going to continue through this process I’m in right now and at some point we’ll make some decisions on both sides.”

Of course, Jason Garrett left town without a deal. The Ravens reportedly offered him the head coaching position, but he ultimately ended up rejecting their overtures.

And, the rest is history.

Think about it, how does a guy who has never been a head coach turn down an opportunity to lead one of the most solid organizations in the National Football League?

It’s a precious and prestegious job; only 32 of them exist.

Of course, in Jason Garrett’s situation, we know what happened …..

This guy stepped in and _ucked it up.

I guess we will never really know what Jerry Jones said to Jason Garrett. Did he promise a raise in salary and the eventual head coaching position of the Dallas Cowboys? Well, Garrett did become the NFL’s highest paid assistant coach, at $3 million, per season. However, the prospective head coaching situation is unknown.

At this point, I doubt any of us could really care any less.

The Ravens, coached by the “other guy”, have made two consecutive appearances in the postseason and they’re currently sitting at 4-1, as they prepare for this week’s trip to New England.

Not bad, huh?

Meanwhile, the Cowboys, a preseason pick by many so-called insiders as a Super Bowl favorite, are heading to Minnesota. They’re set for a showdown with Brett Favre and the Vikings. The winner of this game eases some fear, while achieving a 2-3 record. The loser, on the other hand, will be on the brink of early season distaster.

I suppose Jason Garrett never really imagined he’d be in this very spot when he declined the invitation to lead the likes of Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata and Ed Reed, huh? And, he certainly didn’t know Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and Michael Oher would be part of the mix.

Such is life in the NFL.

Poor Wade Phillips has been rumored as a candidate for the firing squad more often than any head coach, since Garrett’s plane departed BWI, on a cold January night. Still, Phillips exists on the Cowboys sideline.

And, so does Jason Garrett …..

These days, Garrett is not viewed as that high profiled offensive guru. The Cowboys are underachieving on offense and they’re counted among the most disappointing teams, thus far, in 2010. In fact, they’re just 21-15 since the day Jason Garrett turned down the Ravens job.

Phillips is still rumored to be on his way out the door. Yet, names like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy are surfacing as the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Personally, I don’t see any of those guys taking the job.

They seem to be in different phases of life, and they surely dictate more control than a guy like Wade Phillips demands.

But, Jerry Jones can be awfully persuasive.

Just ask Jason Garrett.