Do You Wanna Go To The Super Bowl …..

January 30, 2010 |

Okay, I’ll admit this is going to be a bit different than my contentious, opinionated ramblings. Today, I’m just trying to help a friend …..

And, maybe, YOU.

Do you have any desire to escape this putrid weather, known as “January In The Mid-Atlantic” for a handful of days – while enjoying the festive atmosphere of Super Bowl XLIV, in Miami?

If so, I may have uncovered the ultimate offer for a last minute trip to the NFL’s showcase event of the year. That’s right, a SUPER – Super Bowl package, including prime tickets and accomodations at a luxury hotel.

On Thursday, I was contacted by a childhood friend, who purchased a Super Bowl package at a charity event. A couple months ago, my friend attended Joe Gibbs’ – Youth For Tomorrow fundraiser. One of the offered auction items was a “TRIP FOR TWO TO SUPER BOWL XLIV.”

My friend and her husband were the lucky bidders. However, they are now unable to make the trip – but, they would like to see someone enjoy such a nice vacation. Have you looked outside today? Who wouldn’t want to get away …..

The package includes a pair of lower level endzone seats for the Super Bowl, as well as four nights/five days at the Marriott-Oceanfront, in Miami Beach. I’ve checked out the hotel – the accomodations are quite impressive. Here’s the link …..
Marriott Oceanfront – Miami Beach
Now, if you’re wondering whether I’l be listing occasional classified ads in the near future, the obvious answer is NO. But, I look at this situation differently – my friend didn’t pay for this package with her purse. She used her heart, while doing her part help underprivileged children.

And, that means something to me.

In fact, if my friend simply planned a vacation and her personal/work schedule ended up conflicting, I’d offer some helpful advice, but I wouldn’t use the website to make an appeal. Yet, if someone commits ALOT of money to help CHILDREN – I’m gonna help them.

For her expense in winning the auction, my friend forked over $8000, in cash. It wasn’t a bad deal; just look at the prices for hotels and lower level seats, on Craigslist and Ebay. And, it was $8000 headed directly to Joe Gibbs’ charity.

With the game just a week away, and my friend’s personal schedule suddenly restricted, she has decided to sell the package for $6000 – which makes this trip a nice little bargain.

Once again, the package includes TICKETS & HOTEL ONLY. All other accomodations/expenses are the responsibility of the new purchaser. If you’re interested in the package, just email me …..