Do You Want The “Scoop” On Brandon Marshall & Garrett Atkins?

March 04, 2010 |

Lets face it, among the most discussed names on WNST and around Baltimore’s sports media communities, you’re quite likely to hear BRANDON MARSHALL and GARRETT ATKINS mentioned, right? While they play different sports and certainly have separate prospective values to Ravens and Orioles fans, both of these guys are getting plenty of attention on a daily basis.

Today, during the REX & RAY SHOW, we’re going to present a firsthand look at both of them. And, in doing so, we’ll rely on the voice of a man who has spent considerable time studying and covering the careers of Brandon Marshall and Garrett Atkins; a hometown perspective, so to speak.

So, at 5pm, I urge you to listen as we chat with Eric Goodman, of the Mile High Sports Network. Eric is knee-deep in Denver’s sports community and he’s interacted with Marshall and Atkins on a professional, as well as personal level. He knows the PLAYERS and the MEN.

During last season’s WNST gameday program, The Sunday Morning Blitz, we chatted with Eric Goodman before the Ravens/Broncos game. He’s insightful, witty and charismatic. But, what would you expect from a guy who hosts a show called the “MILE HIGH CLUB” ???

Nope, I’m not kidding.

Eric brings an energy and dynamic rarely seen from the typical phone-in guest. And, he knows what he’s talking about – especially when it comes to Denver’s sports scene …..

Once again, it’s 5pm, today. We’re talking about BRANDON MARSHALL and GARRETT ATKINS.

One of them is already playing in Baltimore – do you want the other one, too ???