Dolphins’ and Ravens’ battle over Sparano against the rules?

January 06, 2008 |

UPDATED AT 4:42 P.M. — The Ravens have denied any wrongdoing in regard to the story below. 

Chris Mortensen is reporting the Ravens might have violated the league rules as it pertains to interviewing Dallas assistant coach Tony Sparano. Here is the article from that explains the situation. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a big issue or not and if anything will be done to the Ravens about it.

Jay Glazer said on the Fox pre game show that it is no slam dunk that Tony Sparano is going to be the Dolphins new head coach. He went on to say that it is a “80 – 85% chance” he will get the job, but Sparano has apparently been telling everyone that the Dolphins talked to him about a contract, which they are doing with every candidate.

Glazer went on to say that Rex Ryan will interview with Miami on Tuesday and that he has a good chance to get the job.

Also on the pre game show, Glazer said that Marty Schottenheimer spoke with Ozzie Newsome and apparently told him that he could produce Cam Cameron as the offensive coordinator if he got the job. Marty is expected to be in the second round of interviews for the Ravens’ coaching position.
I really like the work that Jay Glazer does, plus he is a big mixed martial arts and UFC guy.


For some reason, I have just had a funny feeling that if I was going to pick someone other than Bill Cowher to get the Ravens coaching job, that I would pick Jim Caldwell.

I have no real rhyme or reason for it, I just think that he could be a good guy to take over the team if you can’t get Cowher.