Donald Sterling, Racism, and the Media

April 28, 2014 | Carter Smith

Donald Sterling is another example of racism in the country we live in. If you don’t know who he is, Donald Sterling is the Los Angeles Clippers owner. This weekend, audio surfaced of Sterling talking to his girlfriend about race. At one point in the argument he brings up the idea of not letting african americans go to games. This story is sad from start to finish. I don’t feel sad for Donal Sterling, i feel bad about the fact that humans in general still have to deal with racism. The audio of Sterling becomes noticed and various news outlets report on this story like that is the view of every Caucasian male. I’m upset about the fact that the media can choose the worst story to report on. They play all sorts of games with the viewers, Why can’t positive stories be brought up in the news? Negative is always the way to go for stories. What story would you rather hear about on a  monday morning with your family, the Racist NBA team owner or the heartwarming story about a young cancer patient who scored a touchdown in a college spring football practice. Putting the whole Donal Sterling issue aside, the media reports on negative stories that they believe is important. I wan’t to hear about positive and uplifting stories. This morning i had to turn off sport center because they were going on and on about the  racist comments that were made. The whole time while watching this story i was thinking, “the mans unintelligent that doesn’t represent the views of every single white person. They have to find the person, black or white, and report on the stupid thing they did. What he said was way over the line and very wrong and i’m sick of these stories of stupidity playing a role in the sports world.