Don’t be a bad winner – or – a bad loser…

January 16, 2009 | Drew Forrester

No matter what happens on Sunday night in Pittsburgh, let’s all agree to handle it the right way.

If the Ravens win, let’s act like we’ve been there before.  Because, we have.

If the Ravens don’t win (I can’t even bear to write the “L word” – ha ha), let’s be thankful for the position our team was in, offer a handshake to Pittsburgh, and move on with grace.

The only thing worse than a bad winner?

A bad loser.

I saw a few “bad winners” in Nashville after last Saturday’s win over the Titans.  I’m sure the folks in question were all alcohol-fueled, but they were acting like nitwits.  I knew they were from Baltimore and I was ashamed to be linked with them, even if only by being in the same place.  Bad winners suck.

But bad losers are the worst kind of people.

No one will hurt worse than the Ravens if they don’t come out on top.

There’s not a player in that locker room who won’t be crushed beyond words if they fall short on Sunday.

We’ll all be disappointed as well.

If you’re at Heinz Field, think “personal safety” all day.  Understand this:  Going to the game in Pittsburgh is important.  Coming home and being able to go to work the next day to support your family is more important.  If you go up there and wear your Ravens gear, you’re gonna get heckled.  You know that.  That’s the price you pay for bravery.  Just be smart.  Stay safe.

We’re all at the mercy of our team when we’re at Heinz Field. 

But, no matter what happens, let’s react with integrity.

I’m fairly certain the Ravens will.