Don’t believe criticism of Orioles, Davis

April 24, 2014 | Matthew Atienza

Chris Davis, shown here hitting a homerun in 2013, has been the target of criticism with his slow start to the 2014 season

In 2011, then President of the Baltimore Orioles Andy MacPhail in another lost season, traded Koji Uehara, who at that time was the anchor of the Orioles bullpen to the Texas Rangers for established starter Tommy Hunter and little used first-basemen Chris Davis. 3 years later, it is obvious who got the better end of the deal, with Uehara no longer with the Rangers, and Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis becoming important pieces in the Orioles resurgence in the past few seasons. The “little used” first-basemen has become the face of the Orioles, totaling 86 homeruns in his first two seasons with the club, including the record breaking 53 homeruns in 2013. he has earned the moniker “Crush” Davis for a reason. Many “experts” and “pundits” watched with awe and shock as Davis made it look like it was easy at times last season. Through 20 games this season, Davis has a .246 batting average, with 2 homeruns and 10 RBI’s. This has been labeled a ‘disappointing” start for Davis. Which isn’t surprising considering that almost every baseball magazine predicted Davis to “come back to earth” this season and not even come close to his previous season totals.

So far in 2014, it seems to me that the rest of the league has caught on to what all of Baltimore knew last season, which is that Chris Davis can hit the baseball. In the short sample size of games that we have had so far this season, opposing pitchers seem to be shying away from throwing Davis anything that he can hit. Choosing instead to throw him pitches outside the zone and hoping he chases. Davis leads the team with 13 walks, and has reached base safely in the last 18 games. However, there’s always the fans out there who dont pay attention to the small stats that still matter, and only pay attention to whats on ESPN and MLB Network, which is “Why isn’t Chris Davis hitting homeruns?” This is a legitimate question given the fact that Davis had 6 homeruns at this point last season. Like stated earlier in the article, pitchers are shying away from Davis, giving him nothing to hit. The whole entire team seems to be off there game homerun wise, with the exception of last night of course, when they hit 4 in a 10-8 barn burner vs the Blue Jays. The whole entire team needs to adjust, Davis especially, because he’ll be the one getting most of the heat from the national media.

So, dont panic Birdland. The homeruns will start to come, we got a hot summer coming, the ball loves to carry in Camden Yards. So just sit back, relax, and just remember that were still winning some games without hitting homeruns, something we couldnt do last season.

The Orioles will be fine, we all have something to look forward to this summer, another great year of Orioles baseball is coming.