Don’t Count Our Raven Eggs Before They’re Hatched

September 25, 2009 | Marty Mossa


     Now those who know me will tell you that I am a very big Ravens Fan.  Every Sunday I decorate my house in purple and black.  I even have a giant board in my basement with all the Raven players’ numbers on it.  I was a Raven’s fan from the 4-12,  6-9-1 & 6-10 horrible Ted Marchabroda years.

     All this week I’ve heard all the “experts” predict a blow out.  Although I think we’ll win, I also know that this team loves to toy with us.  It’s been a while since they easily put a game away early so we could relax a little.

     Two week ago they went up 10-0 against the Chiefs had all the mo and allowed them back in the game.  Let me give you a brief history lesson.  In 2006 we needed to beat Cleveland to clinch the AFC North.  Up by two TD’s, the Browns climbed back in the game and nearly beat us.  In 2007 up by two TD’s against the Cards the same happened. 

     Now I’m not saying we won’t win, or can’t win.  I’m not saying we won’t cover the 13 1/2 point spread either.  I’m just warning everyone not to take the Browns lightly.  They are after all an NFL team.  Again, don’t count the bird eggs before they are hatched!