Don’t normally do this, but I have to vent after Sunday’s 13-10 loss to Steelers

December 06, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Okay guys, I’m tired and going to bed. But while going through Facebook, Twitter, and such, I just constantly found myself responding to one status after another, so I might as well just post these reasons for why I think the Ravens lost the game and get this off my chest.

Here’s why the Ravens lost:

1. They screwed around with them all game. Good teams put their opponents away and cut their throats when they have the  knife at them. The Ravens were content with just letting the game play out in front of them and waiting for the right opportunity. Too bad that opportunity came for the Steelers instead.

Not to mention they wasted two timeouts in the fourth quarter-after the clock had already stopped after a pass interference call on Bryant McFadden and a second after an incomplete pass by Ben Roethlisberger. The third was used to draw up a genius play which turned out to be the Ravens final of the game…lets move on.

2. This offense is more concerned with keeping everyone happy than throwing the ball to their big play-maker in Anquan Boldin. He made two big catches early and didn’t become a focal point of the offense until the game’s final minutes.

You saw what happened when they did try and get him the ball. And this isn’t some fan-rant saying that they need to do this. He makes plays when the ball is in hands. T.J. Houshmandzadeh sucks.  Ed Dickson could have very well dropped that pass that Flacco threw to him. Derrick Mason has a broken finger. Opposing defenses key on the Ray Rice check-down. For years, Raven fans have died to have a dynamic wide receiver like Anquan Boldin. We finally have one, and then we decide to not utilize his skills.

That’s like having an Italian sportscar in the garage and saying you’d rather bike to work. Give me a break.

3. They didn’t even have a fullback active this week even though they signed one in Jason McKie to fill in for McClain. Could have used somebody hmmm…maybe on a fourth and two?

4.They didn’t block the Steelers’ best playmaker on defense in safety Troy Polamalu-didn’t even account for him-and that turned out to be the play of the game.

5. Terrell Suggs-who despite the loss may have played his best game of the year along with Haloti Ngata-goes for the ball instead of sacking Roethlisberger after the fumble.

What does Ben do? What he always does. Fights it off on one leg and a broken nose and shot puts the ball away avoiding the sack. Those yards could have been the difference in stopping Issac Redman from going in the endzone. I hate Ben Roethlisberger just as much as anyone in Baltimore, but you’ve got to hand it to the guy. The only way the Steelers win is if he plays and he limped out there and toughed it out.

6. You have a kicker who all year has been showing off his leg in Billy Cundiff. And you don’t trust him to kick a 47 yarder? I don’t care if it’s into the wind. If your kicker can’t make that, he doesn’t deserve to be in the league.

And that coming from a special teams coach no doubt…

This team deserved to lose. Why? Because they played not to win. Enjoy buying those wild card weekend playoff tickets.. Schedule doesn’t get any easier from here boys either.

But I’m not jumping off the bandwagon just yet. Just a little frustrated from tonight.

Please let me know if you agree or if I’m the only one out there Baltimore. I’ll appreciate hearing you guys tomorrow on 1570 WNST (call-in 410-481-1570) and!