Doug Meyer wins Miller Lite-Las Vegas trip

December 21, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Doug Meyer of Ellicott City is the winner of our Miller Lite "Super Weekend in Las Vegas" contest.

His entry was selected from six finalists and announced today during The Comcast Morning Show.

We really appreciate all the time effort you all put into the contest.  Those of you who submitted – wait…let me do this "another way" that you all might enjoy.

"We at WNST are grateful for the sensational effort many of you put forth in creating the content for our Miller Lite-Las Vegas trip.  It was a difficult decision to come up with a winner, and once the judges sat down and perused the various entries it become evermore apparent that we were going to have a difficult time announcing a winner.  In the end, though, after critical review and analysis, it was deemed that Doug Meyer’s entry best fit the profile of the contest and, to that end, we feel as if we’ve connected with the listener who can best represent us in Las Vegas as we move forward with the fun and frolic of Super B**l weekend."

Here’s Doug’s winner entry in the contest.  Once I saw the words "ad infinitum", I knew we might have a winner on our hands!  LOL

Question:  Coach Billick, how do you defend the team’s 4-10 record?

"I’ll leave that to you folks to write and talk about ad infinitum. Clearly, there is a degree of disappointment as it relates to wins and losses, the magnitude of which cannot be underestimated. We comprehend the accountability associated with our 4-10 record. At the appropriate time we will commence a comprehensive review of the body of work that was the 2007 season. This process will include the coaches, together with folks like Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Pat Moriarty, George Kokinis, Dick Cass and ultimately, Steve Bisciotti, each of whom is immensely qualified. Steve will see to it the organization invests the commensurate time, energy and resources requisite to advance the fortunes of the franchise. In no way will this endeavor be perfunctory. No suppositions or predispositions will be brought to the table. Every area will be under the proverbial microscope.”


OK, we do have an unofficial "didn’t follow the 150 word-rule so he can’t win" second place finisher.  This entry, by Chris in Abingdon, is BY FAR, the funniest of all 100 or so submissions.  Chris, GREAT STUFF! 

Baltimore at Miami

Brian Billick: Tough, tough loss, uh not much more I can say about it. I thought our guys played well, we put ourselves in a position to win and as has happened so often this season we lose a game late. As head coach of this team it is my job to make sure that players aren’t feeling sorry for themselves, that they take the necessary steps to prepare for next week and I am confident that they will do that. Clearly, the culminating effect of 8 losses in a row is something you are cognizant off, you recognize it, but more importantly you need to move on from that. I’ll take your questions.

Anita Marks 1*** am: Brian, what’s it like to play football in Miami.

BB: Well, I don’t know that it’s any different than playing anywhere else. Some might say the effects of the heat, the distractions of the night life can be a challenge, but that’s something that myself and my staff prepare for, and I think the guys handled it well

Casey Willet WNST: Brian, what’s the status of Kyle Boller’s injury?

BB: I’m sorry son, could you speak up?

Casey: Kyle Boller, what’s his injury status:

BB: That’s a question that I’ll defer to Bill T on. I’ll try and make him available.

Nester Aparicio WNST: Brian, tell me what it’s like to go through a season like this. Does it get tougher to get up in the morning? Does your food taste bad? Do you feel like kicking the dog? It can’t be easy to come off of a 13-3 season to this debacle this year.

BB: Well, yeah there’s a certain physiological trap that…

Nester: I mean, how does Jon Ogden go out and be the player that he is or, how does Ray Lewis continue to prepare for next week now that is season has been over for almost a month now. I mean because for me, my wife doesn’t want anything to do with me when the Ravens lose. It’s bad enough I’ve got to send Casey down to Oriole Park 5 days a week to follow a team whose hasn’t won in over a decade.

BB: Sure, those are two guys who as they approach the twilight of their career as they say, become more concerned with winning a Super Bowl as any player should at any stage of their career. Fortunately we were able to secure that for them in 2000, and they played a big part in that.

Anita Marks: Brian if you could chose between playing football in Baltimore or Miami, where would you play?

BB: I think to answer that question properly you’d have to indentify what the strengths and weakness of each city are. Baltimore is a city that suits my family very well, while I’m sure you could ask some of the players and they might tell you that a city like a Miami or a Tampa is better suited for their particular lifestyles. Now notwithstanding, the organization that one plays for. I think everyone in that locker room will tell you that they are happy to be a Baltimore Raven.

Drew Forrester WNST: Coach, I’ve gotten a ton of calls all day complaining about your decision to kick a field goal at the end of the game. I’ve tried to tell them ‘Look, if we don’t get that last yard or we get a 10-second runoff the games over, the games over!’ I’ll bet you a Chinese lunch that I would’ve had twice as many calls if that happened. Your thoughts?

BB: Well I certainly can appreciate the fan’s passion, their desire to see us win that game. I know it has been a tough season for them as well. Would it have been nice to go in there and punch it in and win the game? Sure. But I think you have to look further at what the circumstances were, down by three, on the road in a hot environment, the best decision we felt was to kick the field goal

Mike Preston, Baltimore Sun; Compu-Coach, the Ravens made a big mistake in giving you a 4 year contract extension. Do you think you should be fired?

BB: I don’t know that I am qualified to answer that question nor is now the right time. Ozzie, myself and certainly Steve Bisciotti will sit down in the offseason, assess what our needs are, and how we will go about filling those needs. Whether it be through free agency, the draft or what have you. Our goal will be to make this team better next year.

Anita Marks: Brian, in college you were a Miamian, does that….

BB: Actually, I went to BYU a Mormon school

Anita Marks: Where in Miami is BYU?

BB: It’s in Utah.

Drew Forrester: Coach, this secondary has been awful without the services of Chris MacAllister and Samari Rolle. If I were you, I’d pull David Pittman and Corey Ivy into a room, sit them down and say ‘See this other guy sitting in the corner? This is equipment manager Ed Carroll, he’s the guy you’re going to handing your jersey to if you don’t start playing better.’

BB: Again, with no disrespect to Corey Ivy and David Pittman, you are asking a lot of them to step in and fill the void of two Pro-Bowlers. The secondary is an area of a concern that we hope to address this offseason as we undergo our evaluation process.
Aaron Wilson, WNST, CCTimes: Many members of the media consider what you’re just doing here as “spin.” Can you comment on that?

BB: If you’re asking me whether I am being obtuse to some of these questions here, I don’t know that I have an answer that I can give you. Clearly, some may say this is coachspeak and I can understand if that falls alittle bit short of, the answer they’re looking for. Again, I will do my best to clarify what I can.

Steve Davis WB##: Mr. Billick, now that I don’t have to pander the Orioles anymore, I think you have done a great job as offensive coordinator. Tell me, how do you manage to score so many points in only 4 quarters?

BB: Excellent question. Each game is different in the opportunities that are presented, the feel of the game. It’s a collective effort, from how your special teams is setting up your offense, is your line picking up assignments properly, is your quarterback, in this case Kyle Boller, recognizing the hot routes. That is something that we work very hard on from Wednesday through Saturday and I think the results speak for themselves.

Rob Long WNST: How you gonna say that Kyle Boller gives you the best chance at winning? How do you know, you haven’t won in two months!

BB: From the standpoint that Kyle gives us the best chance at winning, I think his knowledge of the playbook, his familiarity with the personnel around him, yeah we are very confident in Kyle. That does not preclude a Troy Smith, who we are very impressed with in what little time he’s had. I am somewhat hesitant to expose Troy given the limited amount of preparations he’s had.

Bob Haynie WNST: Well we find ourselves here on this Tuesday morning Brian Billick, with the Ravens sitting at 4-10. How did we get ourselves into this mess?

BB: Well I think there are a numbers of factors that you could point to. Certainly, injuries have to be at the forefront of any conversation when discussing the 2007 Baltimore Ravens. I don’t know that many teams could recover from losing a Todd Heap, a Jon Ogden and a Samari Rolle and to a certain extent Chris MacAllister. I don’t know that you could expect to have a better record than we do right now. How realistic that is, I’ll leave that up for you all to decide.

Nester Aparicio WNST: Brian, take me back to when you were the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. You had Randy Moss, Dante Culpepper and Robert Smith at RB. What was it like coaching those guys knowing you can throw the ball whenever you damn well please?

BB: It was exciting. I had a great opportunity to learn from Denny Green…

Nester: I remember the day we hired you and how excited I was to have an offensive genius here finally instead of the some ol boring offense of Uncle Teddy. But I was thinking to myself, Justin Armour ain’t exactly Randy Moss. Did that concern you a little bit?

BB: Of course, of course. What we did in Minnesota is not unlike what we are trying to do here now. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, it’s important to have balance on offense. How many times are you going to run the ball versus passing, what is the game dictating? Certainly we had that balance in Minnesota despite the fact that we had some many weapons at our disposable in the passing game.

Anita Marks: Brian, Miami has a lot of boats. Being the boater you are can you describe for us how boating can relate to playing football?

BB: That is all for the day, enjoy your week, see you in Seattle.



Thanks again to all of you who entered.  We really do appreciate your patience with the web-site issues we had and the fact that you all hung in there with us and participated in the contest.

Have a great Holiday all!