Downtown Nashville: All Purple

January 10, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I have no idea how many people in purple are in downtown Nashville today, but I can assure you it’s more than an O’s home game in September.

No kidding.  I’m guessing there are AT LEAST 7,500 Ravens fans in Nashville for today’s game.  I think we stuffed about 1,500 or more into our pep-rally at Graham Central Station, but don’t tell the fire marshal.

The entire main drag of downtown was covered in purple today.  There are 10 bars on the block.  All 10 had Baltimoreans streaming in and out of their doors.

The rain has let up and it’s almost time to play football.

No matter what happens today, though, it’s been an incredible show of support for the team by the fans.  I bumped into two people who got in their car at midnight and started driving.  “I sent him a text at 10:30pm and said, ‘what are we doing sitting at home?’, so we got in the car and took off,” said John Caltrelle from Abingdon.  They bought two tickets outside of our pep-rally for $140 each.  They say the gas cost them $70 and they stopped for food at 5:00am for $10 a man.  They’re not sure where they’re sleeping tonight but they don’t seem too worried.

Sleep?  Who cares about that…there’s a football game to be played.