Draft Trip Around the AFC Part 4: The Baltimore Ravens

May 08, 2014 | James Revere

Well, it’s been a long journey. I’ve actually learned some things. I’ve learned that the Steelers may have the most ridiculously named mascot in the NFL. (I’m sure there’s worse, but Steely McBeam has got to be up there.) Cincinnati has good food, and a social acceptance of ineptitude that really makes one feel like there’s hope for the world. Above all else, I actually read a by-law in the Cleveland Browns charter that says they must sign 80 percent of former Ravens players to their roster. So pay attention to the draft for our boys tonight, at least 3 of these future players will be in Cleveland Orange in 4-10 years.

While I am aware that my feelings are already known in what I think the Ravens will do with their first pick, (Read my first post for the answer), I feel it’s best to analyze what the rest of the draft may bring for our boys. So with a few names, and positions, here is a round by round break down of the Ravens draft.

First Round: Free Safety Calvin Pryor. The Ravens seriously missed a true center fielder on the top of the defense last year. The turnover differential was a main factor in their inability to get the opposing offense off the field. Pryor brings great hands, and a willingness to take chances in defending the run or jumping routes. This would be an immediate impact for the coming year. If he isn’t there, Martin the Tackle from Notre Dame, or Darqueze Denard could be fall back options.

Second Round: Kelvin Benjamin, Wide Receiver: The star from Florida State stands heads above the rest of the Ravens Receiving Corps. At 6’5 and with dynamite speed, he has all the skill set to be that play making number one receiver this team has desperately needed. If he isn’t there, look for Ja’Wuan James to become the new Right Tackle.

Third Round; Terrance West and an Offensive Tackle: John Harbaugh has a propensity for bringing local talent to the home team. Just ask Torrey Smith, Matt Furstenberg, and LaQuan Williams. To have Terrance there in the third round would more than likely result in his making the short jump from training at Unitas Stadium, to training at the castle in Owings Mills. With another pick in the same round, if Offensive Line hasn’t been addressed, it will be here. We’re slowly getting away from the starting capable talent at tackle so now would be the most advantageous time to make it happen.

Fourth Round: Corner back and Defensive Tackle; We are blessed to have two Pro Bowl level corners in Smith and Webb, but that nickel spot is rather suspect. While Chykie Brown has show some flashes, and Asa Jackson is clean, they leave a little to be desired in the secondary. A bigger corner with similar speed would do them well for the Nickel and Dime packages. With Arthur Jones gone, and Haloti limping into the last year of his contract, his heir apparent could be drafted here.

5th Round; Quarterback: We all heard that little snafu John Harbaugh said during a press conference. While yes Tyrod Taylor hasn’t really wowed us, he’s never really been given the opportunity. If a Houston Quarterback isn’t brought into the fold, I really see a quarterback going here. Somebody more in the similar mold of Joe. A pocket passer with a good arm or strong accuracy.

7th round: Linebacker: This is just a depth move here. We all know the seventh rounders don’t generally last long here, but the Ravens make a living in the final round of the draft. Let us of course not forget the team’s ability to make great decisions with undrafted free agents.

So there you have it boys and girls, the Ravens potential draft activity. There will be some surprises. There will be some question marks. After the dust settles, Ozzie and Company will surely put together another great roster. So lets sit back, relax, and enjoy the grandiose amount of coverage this weekend.