Drew shares his “thank you” list

November 26, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Even though there are still roughly 35 days left in the calendar year, I’ll throw out some very personal sports “thank-you’s” for 2009 to date.

  • Thanks to the Baltimore Orioles for finally listening to me, caving in, and doing the right thing and putting BALTIMORE back on the front of the road uniforms.  It made suffering through a 98-loss season a tad easier…just seeing Brian Roberts neatly field a grounder at 2nd with that cursive BALTIMORE script was enough to “almost” excuse them for another year of futility.  Note the word “almost”.
  • Thanks to the golf Gods for making sure Tiger’s knee was fine.
  • Thanks to Jay-Z for “Blueprint 3”.
  • Thanks to Rob Ambrose of Towson University for coming on every Wednesday – win or lose – and HONESTLY answering questions about his 2-9 football team.  Too bad others in town aren’t quite as up front when asked questions by the media.
  • Thanks to the Ravens PR/media staff for treating everyone in town the same, regardless of affiliation or connection to the organization.
  • Thanks to the SID’s from the local college scene…you guys (and gals) do the job of three or four people.  Your efforts are noted.
  • Thanks to Bruce Springsteen for 3 hours and 25 minutes of your life on Nov. 20 in Baltimore.  It was a great way to go out if that was the end.
  • Thanks to my friend Brad Foxwell for…#18 at Forest Park…he knows what I mean.  And I don’t plan on returning the favor anytime soon so maybe I’ll just buy you a beer and we’ll call it even.
  • Thanks to Nestor, Bob, Ray, Chris, Emily, Christine, Paul and Brad for making WNST the best sports radio “business” in Baltimore.  And a special thanks to Thyrl, Rex, Jason, Eric, Luke, Chris, Ed and the weekend guys who continue to do great work on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a pleasure to work with the best people in town every single day.
  • Thanks to Glenn Williams-Clark, the EXECUTIVE Producer of the Comcast Morning Show.  Without him, there’s no show.  That’s the truth.
  • Thanks to our great sponsors at WNST.  In particular, thank you to Mark Watts of Comcast and Dennis Koulatsos of Koons Ford of Security Blvd for believing in The Comcast Morning Show.  Those two have been on-board since the beginning.
  • Thanks to Mike Hermann and Towson University for being a terrific partner over the last three years.
  • Thanks to the people at Alexa.com who prove just how good WNST.net really is.
  • Thanks to all of you who listen.  The list – no matter what the Orioles say – is far too long to chronicle right here, but you all know who you are.
  • Thanks to the critics.  You do far more good than harm.  You just don’t know it.
  • And thanks to my wife and little boy who listen all the time and constantly tell me how great I am and how I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!