Drew’s Super Bowl Post-Card: A note to Steve Melewski

February 04, 2010 | Drew Forrester

A month or so ago, I bumped into my pal Steve Melewski at one of the rare home basketball games he covers from press row at Towson University.

Melewski, of course, is the resident O’s media-public-defender at the MASN web-site and we naturally traded jabs about the O’s off-season and the manner in which we at WNST “cover” the team (when we’re allowed to do that, which is rare).

During our cordial debate, Steve tried tossing the “ratings haymaker” at me, noting that WNST ranked 52nd in the market in whatever form of radio-listener measurement he was conveniently using that night.

Well, well, well…Melewski’s gonna have to change his tune the next time I see him.

WNST is #42 with a bullet.

Yep, that’s right.  We’re #42!

I have no idea what that means, of course.  And I couldn’t care less.  I’m hearing there’s some sort of “people meter” that folks are being equipped with these days to have their listening habits calculated.

That’s a great idea, I’d say, especially if the 57-year old woman who hasn’t watched a football game in 14 years is lugging around one of those meters in Gardenville.  We’re really missing out if she’s not listening to WNST.

Truth is, of course – and Steve knows this – far more people listen to WNST Radio than we’re ever given credit for.

Personally, I always find out just how many people really DO listen to the show when I slap someone around and their feelings get hurt.  Suddenly, EVERYONE listens.  Other than that, though, the ratings would tell you that no one listens.

Steve Melewski tried to tell me that a month ago.  “You guys are #52, Drew…no one listens.”

Ahhhhhhhh…sweet redemption has arrived in the form of today’s latest ratings figures.  We’re now #42.

Before you know it, we might even be able to convince the Orioles that we have more than one listener.

On second thought…