Duke and the Ravens

October 08, 2009 | Chad Lamasa

While listening to WNST this morning, both Glenn and Drew made statements that I felt the need to respond to.

This is on two completely unrelated topics which may have been better off as two separate blogs but, I’m going to try to do it in one.

First Glenn’s comment:

I like Glenn a lot. I’ve talked to him in person before and we’ve emailed back-n-forth several times. He seems like a really good guy and he does a great job on both the morning show and as the Ravens analyst.

However, a caller this morning, had been identified as a Duke hoops fan.

Glenn asked if he went to Duke and Drew said he didn’t think so. Glenn then said he’s not a real fan because he was just a bandwagon jumper. He can’t handle his team losing so he went to a team that wins all the time.

I am also a Duke fan. No, I didn’t go there either but I’ve bled Duke blue since I was about 12 years old. I was just starting to catch on to college sports around that time.

I grew up a die hard O’s and Colts fan. The Orioles had just won the World Series and the Colts were about a year from leaving town.

I have an uncle that went to Duke Law and an aunt that worked at Duke so they had access to tickets. It was much easier to get them back then as they were still on the verge of being an elite team.

Johnny Dawkins was a freshman or sophomore and Coach K had just taken over the reins a couple of years prior.

For a birthday present I was given a ticket to go watch a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. I can’t remember who they played, I think it was someone like UNC Asheville or Appalachian State.

If you’ve never been to a game at Cameron, do yourself a favor and go to one. Whether you love or hate Duke, the atmosphere in there is amazing. It’s definitely worth adding to your sports bucket list.

There is a reason they have such a home court advantage. It’s a beautiful building, with no air conditioning, so it gets nice and warm in there. Especially in the nosebleeds, which is where I happened to be sitting at that first game.

Everyone knows how great “the Crazies” are. Again love them or hate them, you can’t deny their passion and how they really are the 6th man on the floor.

That atmosphere is what made me fall in love with the Blue Devils. So just because I never went to Duke doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan of them, or that I jumped on the bandwagon.

Now on to Drew:

In his “Cheap Shot from the Bleachers” segment, he talked about how the fans are blaming the refs for the Ravens’ losing to the Patriots on Sunday.

He is dead on with this one.

Baltimore fans seem to have this conspiracy theory that the NFL doesn’t want the Ravens to win and all the calls go against them.

It’s the same thing with Terps fans when they lose to Duke (I knew I could tie this together somehow). It’s never that the team lost; it’s always “the refs cost us the game”.

Once in a while that may be true but, it’s not true every time and I don’t think it’s true in this case either.

The first thing I heard when I got to work on Monday was “can you believe the refs and those calls?” One of my friends told me, he was going to watch the replay on the NFL Network the other night so he could count all the horrible calls against us.

I told all of them the following statement:

I will acknowledge that there were some bad calls for both teams, but they didn’t give the game to the Pats or keep us from winning.

Sure it didn’t help, but the Ravens players kept them from winning. Carr fumbling the ball on the opening kickoff. Clayton not making the play at the end of the game. Not converting either of the third and one or fourth and one plays late in the game. The Pats being able to score, which seemed to be, at will. That is what cost us the game, not the refs.

To defend the refs for just a second– On the roughing the passer plays, they called those plays by the letter of the rule. They did what they were supposed to do. I believe that the rule needs to be reworked but as it stands, what they saw was roughing the passer as it’s written.

So people, lets move on to the Bengals. Whether we win or lose really won’t have much to do with the refs but how well the guys in purple and black play.