Dust off ‘Get Your Wings’

January 31, 2008 | Drew Forrester

For those of you out there who are old school Aerosmith fans (I think Bob Haynie and I resemble that remark), it might be time to dust off that old vinyl copy of “Get Your Wings”.

I’m not saying to find a turntable and play it…but at least get it out, clean it up and get ready to hear Steven Tyler.

It’s starting to look more and more like “it’s the same old story, it’s the same old song and dance” over at The Warehouse.

Here it is, Thursday, and the team is still fumbling and bumbling their way around a 4-day-old deal that would send Erik Bedard to Seattle.

Matt Bender wrote an interesting piece on WNST.net today in which he says Peter Angelos has every right to nix the deal and keep Bedard in Baltimore.  Why?  Because, Matt believes, it’s “the right thing to do.”

It very well MIGHT be the right thing to do – as Matt indicates – to make these spoiled, silver spoon, “I can have any girl in the room” malcontents actually fulfill their contractual obligation regardless of how miserable they are.  And, as The Smiths sang way back in the day, “Heaven knows I’m miserable now…”  I’m sure that’s on Erik Bedard’s IPod, right?  It’s his personal mantra these days.

But that should be Andy MacPhail’s call, not Peter Angelos’.  If MacPhail wants to make Bedard sweat it out and stay in Baltimore and piss and moan all summer, that’s Andy’s call.  Or, at least, it should be.  It MUST be, actually.

It comes down to this:  Either let your people do the job you hired them to do or call over to the Ravens and ask them if they have any left-over ingredients from the December 31st molitov cocktail they tossed into Brian Billick’s office.

Light that thing up and throw it at Andy MacPhail.  Get it over with, why don’t you?

If the Owner wants to run the club (someone needs to check the water line that runs from downtown to Owings Mills), then he absolutely has the right to run it.  Fair enough.  Fire your professionals and get on with it.

I still don’t know if Peter Angelos has wrecked this deal with the Mariners.  I’m on record all week as saying, “when I see evidence of that…then I’ll react.” 

But, it’s sure looking more and more like a deal was done on Sunday and “something happened” at the 11th hour.

Somehow, I don’t think Andy MacPhail interfered with himself.  Why would he involve himself in a self-organized circle jerk?  Aubrey Huff is still on the team, that’s apparently HIS specialty anyway. 

Peter Angelos has the right to do whatever he wants with his club.  He can wreck it if he wants.  He can eschew the wisdom of his professionals if he so chooses.

What a disgrace it would be if the Andy MacPhail tenure starts going downhill based on this fiasco with the Bedard trade.

You might want to get a new stylus for that turntable.  I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing Steven Tyler real soon.