Eagles with a dash of Orioles

May 22, 2008 |

Just when you think they can’t get any better, the Eagles find a way to soar over and above their last concert tour performance. 
Last night before a packed house at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville VA, they played over 26 songs, and if you weren’t keeping count, you wouldn’t have realized that nine of them were from the new double CD “Long Road Out Of Eden”. As usual, the Eagles played each to perfection, and their new songs fit in as if they have been playing them for years.   
The new songs didn’t disappoint – quite the contrary. I woke up this morning with “Guilty of the Crime” still playing in my head.  
Like with any band, the “classics” still get the biggest pop from the crowd. Based on the Novak Noise Meter, other than the encores, Eagles classics “Hotel California” and “Take It To The Limit”, and Joe Walsh’s “Walk Away” and “Life’s Been Good” received the biggest ovations. The NNM also reported that Walsh was the crowd’s favorite Eagle.
Just like in 2005, I came away impressed with how the Eagles played with heart, passion, enthusiasm, and perfection. These characteristics were especially obvious while playing their new material, specifically “Guilty of the Crime” and “Long Road Out Of Eden”. Both songs came off harder than what they sound like on the CD. GOTC had a lyric tweak – Joe is now guilty, but the crime is not specified. LROOE left the most lasting impression – the lyrics and accompanying video sent the message of the song very clear to even concert novices, and received the loudest ovation out of all of the new material. LROOE resulted in my Wife wanting to study the lyrics, while my Mom wanted to have further discussion regarding Don Henley’s message.    
The band makes a point of giving everyone kudos and showing respect for each other and their audience as professional musicians. The matching black coats and ties for the whole band sent the message to me that they all were equals, even if Don, Glen, Joe, and Tim wore white dress shirts instead of black.   While introducing the band, Glen made a point of giving more props to the backup members. The four white shirts took their respective turns of talking with the crowd and having center stage.
Glen did his usual schtick of getting the crowd to laugh my making fun of age (“…this song was written in the last century. Most of our songs were written in the last century…”) and his ex-wife (“This song is dedicated to my first wife, Plaintiff”).   
The only real disappointment was Walsh’s Helmet Cam II, which he wore while playing “Life’s Been Good”.   While style points increased (it’s now a black baseball cap instead of a yellow construction hat), the video that was being captured was a downgrade from HC I.  
The “dash of Orioles” – wore my Dad’s Oriole jacket (has the “real” Oriole on it, rather than Orioles written across it) and received lots of unsolicited positive comments from fellow Eagle and Oriole fans. They all expressed the same type of feelings we all have – frustrated with the last 10 years, while being hopeful that this year is finally the year that the Oriole Way comes back to stay.