Edwin Mulitalo has second chance to re-live Ravens Super Bowl in celebration

October 22, 2010 | Ryan Chell

coming back on Sunday as the team will honor the ten-year anniversary of the championship team at halftime versus the Bills.

Mulitalo will be bringing his family with him to the ceremony this weekend and he said he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m bringing my two older girls and I want to show them the love from Baltimore,” Multialo said. “I’m excited and they’re excited too.”

In fact, Mulitalo was happy that his family was able to join him in the festivities ten years ago-who maybe enjoyed the event more than he did.

“Everyone said ‘Live it up with you and your family’,” Mulitalo said, “because you never know if you’re going to come back. I spent all my bonus money on bringing my family out…I was glad that’s what I did.”

Now Mulitalo has a second chance to share the experience again and to catch up with his former Ravens teammates.

“I’m excited to see the guys-even the guys I didn’t become great friends with because I was still a young kid,” Mulitalo said. “There was something special with that team…I’m excited to see how many guys come back and walk that field just one more time.”

And in reality, Mulitalo said it will give him a chance to get a very good look at this 2010 team and catch up with some of his friends like tackle Haloti Ngata.

Edwin Mulitalo/Haloti Ngata

Mulitalo also has seen has some similarities on the 2010 Ravens to the team earlier in the decade-with some upgrades on offense-of course.

“It’s a similar feeling that we had in 2000 with the team this year…with a great defense and an offense that the defense is going to give enough time catch up.

“Obviously, there are a lot more weapons on that offense than we had,” Mulitalo laughed.

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