Emotional Beginning

June 26, 2012 | Trevin Jaggars

It’s the betrayal you felt when the Colts and Browns left town.  It’s those tears that ran down your face as Cal made his lap around Camden Yards on 2131.  It’s the party that didn’t end the night the Ravens captured the Lombardi Trophy.  It’s the pride you felt as Michael Phelps brought home 8 gold medals.  It’s this passion that allows Baltimore to continue to “protect its house” as a premier sports city. The conjuring of these emotions is what continues to drive the die-hard fans crazy and keep the casual fans interested.  Every city has its own history comprised of moments that define what their sports teams mean to them.  The constant flow of emotion that runs through the Baltimore fan’s veins makes Baltimore one of the most enjoyable, exciting, and exhilarating athletic hubs in the country.

Baltimore boasts a smaller market, and this affords fans the opportunity to interact with their athletic idols in a way that New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other big-city fans can’t.  Players make public appearances often and encourage the public to come out to their signings and charity events.  This type of interaction with the fans keeps the players up on pedestals of athletic glory, while bringing them close enough to the people to make them respected, household names.

Baltimore’s wealth of tourist attractions and proximity to the harbor make it a great location for a thriving athletic industry.  The roar of the crowd as the Ravens storm into M&T Bank Stadium, the dancing talent of Ray Lewis, and the never disappointing “O” proudly proclaimed during the national anthem promise to keep the blood pumping strong through the hearts of every loyal Baltimore fan.



So who is this guy?  Why am I reading his blog?  Quite honestly, I’m just glad you made it down to this paragraph.  I’m a 24 year old former collegiate athlete who was struck by a vehicle sophomore year, ruining my shot at making the pros (yes that is my reason for writing instead of being written about).  The highlight of my athletic career was hitting two homeruns in one inning as a 12 year old little leaguer.

Being from Pennsylvania, I fell in love with Baltimore sports while visiting my family in Maryland.  Before we planned a trip, I had to make sure the Orioles were in town or we had to change dates.  Cal Ripken Jr was, and always will be my favorite player.  I would cry when I failed to get his autograph before a game, ruining the game for myself and my mother.  His dedication and persistence is something I admire and now try to emulate.

My acting career consists of being an extra in the movie “Blue Valentine.”  You probably haven’t heard of me because my scene didn’t make the movie, but I can still say I acted with Ryan Gosling.  My passion for sports, especially baseball, and my love of music landed me a spot in the top 50 of this seasons MLB Fan Cave.