End of the Line for Eaton?

May 21, 2009 |

After losing the first two games of the series the Orioles send Adam Eaton and his 7.93 ERA to the bump tonight against the Yankees. The only good news about this is the fact that this just might be the last time we see Eaton pitching in an Orioles uniform.

When the Orioles signed him they knew that Eaton would be nothing more then a stop gap until the young arms proved they were ready to come up. After 7 starts Eaton is 2-4 with a 7.93 ERA which is worse then even the Orioles expected.

I know this team is not going anywhere but it does not do any good to keep trotting Eaton out every fifth day and watching him get lit up and leave the game after five innings.

The Orioles have already brought up two young guys- albeit earlier then expected because of injury- and there is clamoring within the organization that another pitcher might be optioned up very soon.

The thing that has the Orioles considering this earlier then expected is due to the amount of success the young pitchers are having in the minors.

Chris Tillman has been the Orioles best pitcher at any level- including the major leagues- with a 5-0 record, 2.25 ERA and 42 strikeouts in only 30 innings pitched. Tillman is the youngest of all the highly touted arms and the Orioles do not want to rush him, but his numbers can not be ignored.

David Hernandez, who I think will be the next pitcher to be called up, is 3-1 with a 3.50 ERA and 46 strike-outs in only 36 innings.

Hernandez was the best pitcher in the organization last year and he is showing that those numbers were no fluke. With Hernandez there is suddenly a “big 4” instead of a “big 3” and that should make O’s fans that much happier.

On the Double A level, Jake Arrieta and Troy Patton are a combined 8-2 with 70 strikeouts between the two of them. The Orioles are a little apprehensive about bringing up a pitcher from the Double A level after seeing  short comings of the pitchers brought him up from Bowie.

I think the best thing for this ball club is to get these pitchers Major League experience this year that way they will be ready to start the season on the Orioles next year.

This team is now 8 games under .500 and showing no signs of improving, so why not bring up the pitchers now and let them have at least half a season.

I am sick of watching Adam Eaton trot out every fifth day and get lambasted by the opposition.

I am not saying that Tillman, Hernandez or any other young pitcher would be more effective but it is worth a shot.

The Orioles are worried about Eaton getting signed by another team and then they would have to eat his salary. This is part of doing business and it does no good to show the fan base that you are willing to lose just to save money.

I will watch the game tonight and root for the Orioles like I do every game, however, it would not bother me to see Eaton get shelled.

Hopefully, for the sake of me and the other Orioles fans, this is the last time we see Eaton on the mound in an Orioles uniform.