Erik Bedard lives with his parents and other random thoughts

February 06, 2008 |

          There is a very interesting article in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated that features an article about Erik Bedard and the life that he lives. It is pretty interesting stuff and still does not make me like him, good luck to Erik in Seattle.
          If I were the Orioles, I would be looking into moving Melvin Mora along also. I know there are only a limited amount of places to trade him, but I will almost guarantee that, at some point during the season, he is going to complain about something. Whether it is about Tejada, Bedard, or Roberts leaving, he will complain. I think the O’s could eliminate a potential headache by moving Melvin along.
          Watching the Giants and Patriots come down to the wire in Arizona was one of the most enjoyable quarters of football I ever saw. To be there in person and watch what many people are calling the greatest upset in sports history was pretty cool. Ray and I had a chance to walk out on the field while the Giants were celebrating and it was an unbelievable scene to be a part of.
          Of all the guests that we had last week from radio row in Arizona (80 + if you are keeping score at home), I have to say that one of my favorites is Shawn Merriman. Shawn is very polite, down to earth, and you can just tell has a real passion for football and it comes across when he speaks. Shannon Sharpe is another guy that I enjoy listening to talk and just his knowledge of the game is out of this world.
          Speaking of Shannon, next year will be a big year for him and Rod Woodson as they will be eligible to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In my opinion, they are locks to be first ballot inductees.
          I will give you a quick story that happened in the press conference area after the Super Bowl game. There is a big tented area where players from both teams are brought into after the game to speak with the media at podiums that are set up. All the players and coaches enter through the same door, whether you play for the Giants or Patriots. Just inside that door were two people from Reebok who were handing out Giants World Champions hats and shirts to people from the Giants. Now most of the Patriots players showered and had changed into street clothes before coming into the room. Junior Seau walked in wearing just regular clothes and walked by one of the people from Reebok who said “congratulations, would you like a shirt?” Now Junior obviously did not hear this person and kept walking to which this person followed him and said “here is a hat and shirt to wear for your team winning the Super Bowl.” Now I am assuming that Junior did not hear this person because he continued to walk and the person from Reebok had to be told by a NFL official “he may not want one because he plays for the Patriots.”
          Had a chance to catch the Suns-Spurs game while out in Phoenix for the Super Bowl. It was a pretty sloppy game, but you really appreciate how fast the game is and how good guys like Steve Nash and Tim Duncan are when you see them in person. The Suns do a tremendous job of keeping the fans entertained and into the game during the timeouts, the dunking mascot was a crazy thing to see in person. It was only the third NBA game I have ever attended, but was a very enjoyable experience.
          Real quick UFC thought, I had a chance to watch Brock Lesnar’s UFC debut while in Arizona, and was pretty impressed with the way he just man handled Frank Mir. However, Frank caught Brock almost out of desperation and Brock’s inexperience showed and he seemed to panic. I have no doubt that Brock will learn from his mistake and be that much better the next time he steps into the Octagon.