Ex-NHL Players Suing League

April 11, 2014 | Marty Mossa

Well we have another law suit coming down the pike in the arena of sports. Fox Sports announced that some retired NHL players are suing the league because of concussions. The nine former players are stating that the league subjected their players to “devastating and long-term” health consequences” by their failure to warn them about the dangers risks and long term consequences of head trauma.

Former defenseman Brad Maxwell and Jack Carlson are among the nine filing the suit in Manhattan’s Federal Court this past Wednesday. This comes a few months after ten other players filed a similar suit in Washington, DC.

Former Northstar Brad Maxwell One of Nine Suing NHL (Picture from Northstars Blog)

The lawsuits seek unspecified compensation. They want the NHL to initiate a medical a monitoring program to care for former and current NHL players. These lawsuits came months after $765 million was paid by the NFL as part of an agreement to settle several lawsuits from thousands ex-NFL players who developed dementia or other concussion-related health problems.

The NHL has yet to comment about these series of events.

For all it’s worth: in my humble opinion these players from both the NFL & NHL knew what they were getting into. For the most part, they were well compensated to play their respective sport. Both football and hockey are violent sports. There is no smoking mirrors or dilutions that football & hockey are violent.

If you didn’t want to suffer the consequences of playing, then you should have picked another line of work. Firefighters know they must run into burning building and risk their safety and lives every day. Police officers know the risk every time they report for duty. I know the NHL players of yesteryear weren’t treated too well and they were under paid. I agree that the NFL should have taken care of these players years ago: but again they and their hockey brethren knew what they were getting into, and took the risk.

Even though the players from yester-year didn’t make a lot of money on field, many of them used their playing days and connections and parlayed them into high corporate jobs, sports broadcasting jobs, and many owned businesses. Hey lawyers: STAY OUT OF SPORTS!!!!
(Fox Sports/AP, April 11, 2014)