Excuses and Expectations

April 21, 2010 |

When we, as Oriole fans, went into this season, the hope was for better results on the field. Better shouldn’t have been to much to ask considering the teams recent history. Seventy five plus wins seemed realistic. That and maybe putting it to the top three in the division once in a while. Now the reality sets in that this “team” may be alot like the Oriole teams of the past twelve years. 

It took me awhile to make up my mind about Dave Trembley as manager. After Julio Lugo’s loafing down the baseline last night, my mind is made up. He has to go. Lugo should have been pulled from the game in the most embarrasing fashion possible and released today. When he walked back to the dugout and nobody said anything to him. He should have been blasted by the coaching staff and players alike.

We can say that key injuries are the reason they are having a tough start, but that is just an excuse. All teams deal with injuries. They have been competitive on several occasions this season, but couldn’t seal the deal. Winning teams grind out every at bat and every situation. Face it, the whole season is a grind. If  the Orioles don’t have the focus and intensity that it takes to compete night after night that falls on managment. This team won’t get any better until real leadership takes place.