Fan Grabs & Loses Wieters’ Homerun Ball …. And, Nestor Will Interview Him

June 18, 2009 |

Well, did you watch Matt Wieters’ first big league homerun fall into the first row of the left field bleachers? It barely got over the fence. But, when it did ….. Sam Mayfield was awaiting its arrival. And, he was the lucky guy to scurry around and finally come up with the prized pill.

As Wieters rounded the bases to the blasting thunder of Hells Bells, two people had their sights set on the guy holding the ball. I was one of them – but, I was coming from the lower box seats, behind homeplate. The other guy was a dreaded usher and he had a short walk down the stairs of Mayfield’s section.

By the time I reached the bleachers, Sam Mayfield was gone – he was whisked away to a super-secret location, according to his friends. I didn’t want the ball. But, I did want the story. And, that’s exactly what I got …..

About an hour later, I met and spoke with a very excited Sam Mayfield. He boasted about being a true baseball fan, while advising that he’d decided to trade the ball to the Orioles and Wieters, for a sum that was still being negotiated; a sum other than money.

I was happy for the Perry Hall resident.

Fast forward a couple hours and after watching George Sherrill retire the Mets to end the game, I headed home for a good night’s rest. Alas, before I reached the Anne Arundel County line, my cell-phone rang. It was Sam Mayfield and he wasn’t nearly as happy as he was the last time we talked.

According to Mayfield, he conferred with his wife, by phone, earlier in the evening and while meeting with Orioles officials. Together, they agreed to fork over the ball, in exchange for bringing his kids to the park for a personal meeting with Wieters and some autographed bats and balls.

Yet, when he left Camden Yards, he wasn’t feeling like the deal was honored. And, in reading Peter Schmuck’s post-game blog on The Baltimore Sun’s website, I’d say it sounds like Mayfield got a lot less than he bargained for …..

Let’s face it, I could regurgitate the entire story in the body of this blog, account by account, as Sam Mayfield related it. And, we’re just scratching the surface. But, why not hear it from the man, himself?

That’s right, it’s a one on one interview with the guy who nabbed and lost Wieters’ first homerun ball. It’s Sam Mayfield and Nestor Aparicio, at 4:15, this afternoon, on Limited Access. I can’t wait …..