Fans – Bring Your ‘A’ Game

December 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

Everyone would love to see the Ravens give a full four quarters tonight against the Patriots. Any chance the Raven fans can do the same?
I will be there. I am expecting the worst, it will be freezing, I have to get up early tomorrow and take my kid to school, go to work, and I will stay until the final snap.
 Please don’t ask me if I went to the movies and the movie was bad, would I get up and leave. Please don’t ask me that if I went to a restaurant and got bad food would I go back. We are talking about the Ravens. The same team that we schedule our Sundays around. Remember all of the years that we went without a team?
I know, you pay good money for your seats and have the right to walk out. I have the right to say that you shouldn’t walk out. Stay for the game!!!
What the hell is going on with college football? Is this the biggest cluster ever? I know that Hawaii probably won’t even beat Georgia but what if? What if they blow Georgia out? Get a playoff system.
I found this on Fox Sports Ben Maller’s site:
Great line by CBS analyst Shannon Sharpe: "You (San Diego) fire a guy who can’t win in the playoffs (Marty Schottenheimer) to hire a guy who can’t win in the regular season (Norv Turner)." — Rochester Democrat and Chronicle