June 16, 2008 |

I was listening to a sports talk show from another market and the host was discussing his experience at game 1 of the NBA Finals in Boston. He sat in the upper deck with a Laker jersey on. He said he was harassed to the point of having to take it off. He also mentioned that a woman in Laker gear was asked if she was raped by Kobe. Even a little kid took some abuse.

I think we can all agree that this was over the line but it led me to think about what are the characteristics of a good fan and what city has the best fans.

Is a good fan someone who will travel anywhere to see their team play? Do you have to wear your teams gear to be a good fan? How much do you need to know about your team to be a good fan?

Does a city have to have successful teams to have good fans? Do the teams in a city have to always sell out to have good fans? Does treatment of opposing fans count towards having good fans? Does a good atmosphere in the stadium or arena mean you have good fans?

Please answer with an open mind. I know Baltimore has good fans especially Raven fans but lets give other cities some respect also.