Farve Retires!

March 10, 2008 |

Brett Farve retired this week and many call him the greatest, but no he is not the greatest, one of the best but not the greatest.

However to me he was one of the most exciting. Excitement yes along with Johnny Unitas who so many times brought the Baltimore’s back to wins with his TD passes to the likes of Lenny Moore, Raymond Berry, John Mackey, and Jimmy Orr. Also Sonny Jurgensen was exciting hitting the likes of Bobby Mitchell, Jerry Smith, and Charlie Taylor. I grew up in the Sammy Baugh days when he was launching those long bombs to Hugh “Bones” Taylor. Farve was exciting yes, the greatest no.

By the way Michael Richman in his great book “The Redskins Encyclopedia” covers the history of the Redskins from 1932 to 2006 with an update of 2007 coming soon. Richman calls Baugh the best all round Redskin player and Jurgensen the best QB.

Quick Notes….Look for Bobby Knight to return to coaching next season…Why is the Brian Roberts trade still on hold?…Where is heavyweight boxer “Hasbeen” Rahman these days?

North Carolina or Duke should win the ACC men’s basketball tournament bust my dark horse pick is Virginia Tech. The owner of the Blue Crabs baseball team is Oriole Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson. It seems the same elected officials who opposed minor league baseball before are now supporting the Blue Crabs in Charles County. And they are now in the Maryland General Assembly. Is it true Harpo Marx is going to try out for the Washington Divas?