Favre, The Orioles and Hillary Clinton

March 06, 2008 |

To the pleasure of some of you, I haven’t blogged in some time.  Not sure why.  Been busy I guess.  Spent some time performing in San Antonio and had a great time.  If you’ve not been, I highly recommend the trip.  The people are friendly, the food is great and, hell, you got THE ALAMO! 

I have to say that the Alamo may be one of the more overrated national treasures.  Well, first of all, it’s not even a national treasure because Texas wasn’t part of the United States when Jim Bowie, Davey Crockett and the rest of the fellas gave their lives in a vain effort to defend their settlement against Santa Anna and his 6,000 Mexican troops.   The “politics” behind the event also make it difficult to discern the good guys from the bad guys.   But, hell, this isn’t supposed to be a history blog so let’s move on to sports.


One of the great quarterbacks of all time said goodbye this week and he did it after one of his best seasons ever.  I don’t believe Brett Favre is one of the top five quarterbacks of my lifetime but, without question, he was the most fun to watch.  Favre was never afraid to show emotions.  He played the game with the perfect mixture of competitive intensity and playful ebullience.   Favre made throws no one else would dare attempt and although sometimes he payed a price, more often he connected and left you staring at the television screen dumbfounded, not to mention a little sad if you bet the other way.

Sorry to see him go but glad he left on top.  Now here are the top ten quarterbacks I ever saw play.

1) Joe Montana

2) Dan Marino

3) Tom Brady

4) John Elway

5) Peyton Manning

6) Steve Young

7) Brett Favre

8) Roger Staubach

9) Jim Kelly

10) Troy Aikman


Scott Moore is my new favorite Oriole.  The guy is hitting the snot out of the ball and can play several different positions.  Trust me, the guy is more than a utility bench player.  If not in ’08 then certainly in ’09. 

Kudos to Melvin Mora for having a good Spring.  Hope that bodes well for the season.

Heard Nick Markakis being interviewed… Hell of a ball player but REALLY, REALLY, BORING TO LISTEN TO.   He’s young.  Maybe he’ll get more savvy with age but somehow I think Nick’s always going to be one of those anti media guys.

Orioles record in ’08’ 73-89


She’s BAAACK!  Impressive wins in Texas and Ohio put her right back in it.   Don’t buy into the argument that Obama should be given the nomination just because he’ll end up with more delegates.  This is NOT THE GENERAL ELECTION and the Democratic Party nominating rules, quite frankly, stink.  She’ll win in Pennsylvania and then can boast big state wins in NY, CAL, TX, OH, PA, NJ and, if a “do-over” is called for FLA.  She is more experienced.  Seems to have more of a specific plan and WILL GET THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION.  Don’t be surprised if Obama ends up the VP nominee.