Field of 28 revealed on Thursday

May 28, 2008 | Drew Forrester

By this time tomorrow, the list of 28 “automatic bids” (as Bob Haynie calls them…and he’s right) for The King of Baltimore will be out and the great debate will officially begin.

Of course, the real fun starts when the brackets are revealed next Tuesday night at The Angle Inn, but tomorrow, at least, we’ll know who’s in the field and who has to get in via a write-in vote next week.

My own personal list of 28 has been tweaked, trimmed, enlarged, reduced and rebuilt…about 5 times…since last weekend.

I’d rather not divulge my list or where I have certain players ranked, because that might give-away my winner…but here are a few tidbits about my list.

> I think there are eight (8) players worthy of winning the entire competition.  They are: Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken, Jr., Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson and John Unitas.  You can make an argument for any of those and you might be right.

> Rafael Palmeiro is not in my personal list of 28.

> Neither is Peter Boulware.

> Wes Unseld and Earl Monroe are both on my list, but I would be surprised if they are each on “the real list” that gets announced tomorrow.

> I have only one Blast player on my list of 28 and it’s Mike Stankovic, but I had Scott Manning on the list and off the list about six times.  Unfortunately, you can’t get 29 guys into 28 spots and Scott was the last guy out for me.  Did someone say “write-in”?  lol

> Jamal Lewis is on my list and so is another great Baltimore running back, Lydell Mitchell.

> I think Tom Matte is a very interesting candidate.  He isn’t on my list of 28 and I doubt he’ll be on “the real list” of 28 tomorrow, but he will get strong write-in consideration from me.

> Everywhere I look on my list, I see Orioles pitchers.  I have a bunch, I can tell you that.

> I can’t believe I haven’t heard any love for Mike Boddicker this week.  He’s my all-time favorite Oriole…alas, he’s not worthy of being in the field of 32, but he was a helluva pitcher in the early 80’s.

> The only current baseball player even remotely worthy of consideration is obviously Brian Roberts, but he won’t make it on the list of 28 or as a write-in, I’m afraid.

> I can’t put Roberto Alomar on my list because he only played here for three seasons (and only tried in two of them).

> I think Miguel Tejada put up good numbers in Baltimore, but he’s not on my list either.  Four years of service here didn’t help his cause with me.

> I haven’t heard or seen a lot of talk about Todd Heap this week.  He’s not on my list of 28, but I think he might show up on “the real list” tomorrow. 

> Matt Stover has enjoyed a much, much better career than a lot of people realize.  He gets overlooked because he’s “only a kicker”, but a career is a career is a career.  The man has been a rock star. 

> I am very confident that my winner is the right choice.  I’m guessing MY winner isn’t actually going to be the winner of the tournament, but I’m going to make a case for my guy over the next eight weeks because I really believe he’s had the best career of any of the guys who are worthy. 

7:10 am tomorrow, the list of 28 gets revealed on The Comcast Morning Show.

Until then…keep on doing your research.

We’ve had some GREAT players in Baltimore over the years and the more research you do on them, the more you realize it.