Fighting Ungers Going 6-8 pm M-F

March 18, 2008 |

Having just read the title of this blog entry, I’d imagine some of you are contemplating suicide right now.  Hopefully, the majority of WNST listeners are as happy as Ryan Seacrest at a day spa about the Fighting Ungers doing 6-8 pm weekdays. 

Regardless, beginning March 31st (Orioles Opening Day) it happens and I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss sports, my affinity for clown erotica, and anything else that crops up with you six days a week. We’ll continue to do our Saturday morning show but will start an hour later and do 9-11 am. As with our Saturday show we plan on keeping it light with a heavy emphasis on humor.

Looking forward to the opportunity to entertain you. Hope we succeed. If not,  I would suggest a good book except I can’t because I haven’t actually read a book since 1994.