Final Four Will Be A Breath of Fresh Air

May 12, 2010 | Marty Mossa

I love the hockey playoffs.  I have watched all or part of 41 games thus far.  It doesn’t matter whose playing, I’ll watch it until the cup is awarded.  What makes the conference finals so special is the fact that Detroit, and Pittsburgh bowed out in the second round. (Tired of both teams)

San Jose has to be the prohibited favorite of the five teams left.  They ended up with the second best record this year.  They were the number one seed in the Western Conference.  They ousted Detroit in five games.  They now will play the Chicago Blackhawks who dispatched the Vancouver Canucks in six.

In the East, the unbelievable Montreal Canadians will await the winner of the Boston/Philadelphia series.  Boston who was up 3-0 on Philly will attempt to avoid making history Friday Night in Boston.  The Flyers down 0-3 have won three straight.  If they win, they will be the first team since the New York Islanders of 1976 to come back from a 0-3 deficit and win the series.  They did it against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As for Montreal, they unseeded the President Trophy Winning Washington Capitals, and last year’s champions Pittsburgh Penguins.  They certainly are capable of beating Boston or Philadelphia.  Whatever the outcome, it will be interesting.  The last time the Hawks won the cup was 1960, Bruins, 1972, Flyers 1975, and Canadians 1993.  As for Boston, Philly, I’ll get back to you Saturday.