Final Pointless Mock Draft

April 22, 2010 | Tom Clayton

I think the depth that this draft has in the second and third round will lead to a ton of trades with teams moving all over the place. This makes any mock draft pretty much pointless because trades are impossible to project. With that being said I have finished my final mock draft for the 2010 NFL Draft; I haven’t attempted to project any trades I just did it by the board. Without further ado here is my completely pointless 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

1. St Louis – Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma
After passing on Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco in the past few years the Rams will finally take their franchise quarterback. I truly believe Bradford will be a very good NFL quarterback; he is as accurate as any passer to come into the league in the last decade, he is remarkably intelligent, and he has a much stronger arm than most people realize. Bradford will need to prove that he can take a beating in the NFL after being injured on his last two hits at Oklahoma and he will have nobody to throw to as his career begins.

2. Detroit – Ndamukong Suh, Defensive Tackle, Nebraska
Suh is the best defensive lineman prospect I have seen in a long time and I think he is the cream of the crop in terms of talent in this draft class. Head Coach Jim Schwartz will get his big, physical defensive tackle and the Lions are on their way back to respectability.

3. Tampa Bay – Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma
For two defensive tackles to go off the board in the top-3 picks seems weird at first until you realize just how valuable a position it can be. Also Suh and McCoy fill huge holes on both of their teams and neither is a reach. McCoy should become the first impact defensive linemen in Tampa since Warren Sapp left for Oakland in 2004.

4. Washington – Trent Williams, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma
Maybe more surprising than the D-Tackle run is the fact that three of the first four picks in the entire draft could come from Oklahoma. Williams is a supremely gifted player that has yet to reach the ceiling of his potential. Russell Okung is the best offensive lineman in this draft but Williams’ superior athleticism will be a better fit for Mike Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme.

5. Kansas City – Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State
The Chiefs move Brandon Albert inside to guard (a more natural position for him) and plug in the top tackle in the draft to protect Matt Cassel’s blindside. Cassel holds onto the ball too long and that was major reason he was sacked 42 times last year but the Chiefs need to protect their $63 million investment and Okung is the real deal.

6. Seattle – Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State
Funny that in my mock draft five of the first six picks in this draft come from schools based in Oklahoma; football hotbed anyone? Pete Carroll wanted to get a top tier wide receiver this offseason but they missed out on Brandon Marshall so why not take the best receiver in this draft and match him up with T.J. Houshyourmama? Bryant is immature to say the least but he hasn’t done anything to make you say this guy is a really bad guy. He will need to grow up fast to make this pick not look like a mistake but he has the skills on the field to make this pick look great in three years.

7. Cleveland – Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee
Ed Reed has been terrorizing the Browns for nearly their entire reexistence (I know that isn’t a word) and I think they will take a player that can bring that dynamic to Cleveland. The Big Show will jump on top of the second best prospect in this draft and a player that will make an immediate impact on a team that has no real superstars (besides their kick returner). Berry is also a great character guy that will immediately become the face to a faceless team.

8. Oakland – Jimmy Clausen, Quarterback, Notre Dame
No player has been as highly scrutinized or widely debated than Jimmy Clausen and I for one believe he will not be a great signal caller in the NFL but Clausen is a flashy, confident player that the Crypt Keeper will love. Clausen is the most NFL ready quarterback in this class but I think much like Brady Quinn we have seen Clausen hit his ceiling before he steps onto an NFL field. This move will mark the end of the JaMarcus Russell era in Oakland and hey that’s got to be good for something. If Bruce Campbell goes in this spot Al Davis should be pulled out of the Raiders war room by Roger Goodell in a straight jacket.

9. Buffalo – Bryan Bulaga, Offensive Tackle, Iowa
The Bills miss out on either of the top two quarterbacks and their fan base is going to be bummed; I think Buffalo may try and make a move with Oakland to swap picks and take Clausen. If this doesn’t happen the Bills would be wise to upgrade an offensive line that is one of the worst in the league. Bulaga much like Clausen may have peaked in college under Kirk Frenetz but he should be a serviceable tackle in the NFL and sure up the blindside of whoever the Bills put under center this season.

10. Jacksonville – Derrick Morgan, Defensive End, Georgia Tech
The Jaguars are going to be trying like hell to trade down into the 20 range so they can take Tim Tebow and if Clausen is still on the board they may find a willing trading partner. If they stay here I think they will attempt to pair up free agent acquisition Aaron Kampman with the best 4-3 defensive end in the draft.

11. Denver – Rolando McClain, Inside Linebacker, Alabama
Sorry Josh McDaniels but the talk of Dez Bryant’s decline has been highly overblown and now you will have the worst receiving corps in football. McClain does fill a major hole on a defense that wore down in the second half of the season and overall he is a top-10 talent.

12. Miami – Dan Williams, Nose Tackle, Tennessee
Nose tackle is a huge need for the Dolphins and the coaching staff reportedly fell in love with Williams at the Senior Bowl. The Tuna is quietly building a very good team in Miami and if all of their pieces stay healthy they could shock a lot of people.
13. San Francisco – Joe Haden, Cornerback, Florida
Overpaid Nate Clements will make the move to safety this year and the 49ers need a shutdown corner. It just happens that the best corner in the draft falls into their lap with the 13th pick and I think they may trip over themselves attempting to get their card to the commissioner.

14. Seattle – C.J. Spiller, Running Back, Clemson
Spiller has been the one player that I have not moved once throughout this entire process. He is an explosive player that Pete Carroll will exploit to his advantage (Reggie Bush anyone?) and he fills onE of the most glaring needs for the Seahawks.

15. New York Giants – Anthony Davis, Offensive Tackle, Rutgers
Some people will say Davis may be the most physically gifted tackle in this draft but most will agree he also comes with the biggest bust potential of any tackle in the draft. The Giants would love to see Rolando McClain fall to them at 15 but they may need to make a draft day move with Denver or Jacksonville to move up and get him.

16. Tennessee – Jason Pierre-Paul, Defensive End, South Florida
Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to this year’s Vernon Gholston. Pierre-Paul is an athletic freak and he looks great in pads but I don’t know if the production matches the measurables. Granted Jeff Fischer is known to be a great defensive line coach and he could make Pierre-Paul the next Jevon “The Freak” Kearse but I just don’t know how this one works out down the line.

17. San Francisco – Earl Thomas, Safety, Texas
San Francisco already grabbed the best corner in the draft and now they lock up their secondary with the most instinctive, ball-hawking safety in the draft. Some “draft experts” including Mike Mayock think Thomas is a better safety prospect than Eric Berry who will go in the top-10.

18. Pittsburgh – Maurkice Pouncey, Guard/Center, Florida
When all is said and done no player in this draft may make more Pro Bowls than Pouncey; he has all of the intangibles that will make him one of the top interior linemen in the NFL very quickly. Pouncey could move in and play right guard immediately or he could be the eventual replacement for center Justin Hartwig when his time in Pittsburgh is over.

19. Atlanta – Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
Weatherspoon will step in and become a vocal leader for Atlanta’s defense almost immediately. Weatherspoon is the best natural leader in the draft and has been praised as such by many members of many front offices.

20. Houston – Kyle Wilson, Cornerback, Boise State
There is a rising belief that Kyle Wilson could be a top-10 pick and that he will overtake Joe Hadden as the first corner taken. That very well may happen but as of right now I see Hadden going a few picks before Wilson. Kyle Wilson is a big, physical corner that will probably start for the Texans after they lost Dunta Robinson to the Falcons.

21. Cincinnati – Jermaine Gresham, Tight End, Oklahoma
Gresham is one of the most talented tight ends to enter the draft in the past decade; unfortunately he also comes with two surgically repaired knees and an entire season on the sidelines. I think Cincinnati will look past the red flags (they usually do….right Andre Smith?) and they have one of the ultimate boom or bust players in the draft.

22. New England – Sergio Kindle, Outside Linebacker/Defensive End, Texas
Damn!!!! My #1 target for the Ravens is off the board and the Hoodie takes him just in front of the Ravens. I truly believe that Kindle is going to be an explosive, versatile pass rusher that will make an immediate impact on any team. I think the Patriots will have A LOT of the same targets as Baltimore; you know great minds think alike.

23. Green Bay – Brandon Graham, Outside Linebacker/Defensive End, Michigan
Man, Ravens targets are going quickly now! Brandon Graham is the second best hybrid pass rusher in the draft and he will fill in for the departed Aaron Kampman. Graham is a little short for linebacker but he is explosive, instinctive, and he can play the run as well as get after the quarterback. Packers would love to find an elite left tackle but I don’t see anyone here they take.

24. Philadelphia – Taylor Mays, Safety, USC
Elite speed….check. Great size…..check. Great in run support……check. Unfortunately Taylor Mays also has very poor ball skills and seems more like an undersized linebacker then a safety. He reminds me a lot of Thomas Davis whom the Carolina Panthers took as a safety with the 14th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft and was then converted to linebacker.

25. Baltimore – Damryius Thomas, Wide Reciever, Georgia Tech
Wow! The Ravens go from a VERY average receiving corps to one of the top in the NFL in just one off-season. At 6’ 3”/230lbs. Thomas is a huge, physical receiver that is an outstanding blocker and will go up and get the ball in the red zone. Thomas would combine with Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason to create the most dynamic, versatile receiving corps in Ravens history.

Thomas will need to learn a lot about running routes and the nuances of his positions coming out of Paul Johnson’s flexbone offense but could he have better teachers than Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin two of the best route runners in the NFL? I think this pick sets the Ravens and Joe Flacco up for success and this really would be a great move for the long term of this offense.

I still think the Ravens are trading back to get their third rounder back but if they stay put the Ravens could certainly go with a cornerback like Devin McCourty, Patrick Robinson, or Kareem Jackson and I would love to see them add Jared Odrick to the defensive line but Thomas has elite ability and the potential to be an absolute stud for the purple and black.

26. Arizona – Jerry Hughes, Defensive End/ Outside Linebacker, TCU
If teams drafted based on pure production Hughes would be a top-10 pick but I think his upside is a little limited compared to Brandon Graham and Sergio Kindle. Arizona will get an impact pass rusher that should help a defense that may need to step up a little more this season with the loss of Kurt Warner on offense.

27. Dallas – Mike Iupati, Guard, Idaho
Chatter has picked up that Iupati may be going to Oakland with the 8th pick but I think he is going to last until the second half of the first round. Iupati is a road grater that is an above average run blocker but he was exposed by Geno Atkins at the Senior Bowl as a very raw pass protector. This pick makes a lot of sense for Dallas because their offensive line is old and slow and Iupati would bring a lot of athleticism and versatility to the Cowboys.

28. San Diego – Ryan Matthews, Running Back, Fresno State
San Diego is likely only going one of two ways with this pick and that is either nose tackle or as I see it running back. LT is in New York with Rex now and Darren Sproles isn’t an every down back; Matthews is the most complete back in this year’s draft. If Matthews is taken by San Diego he is my VERY early choice for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

29. New York Jets – Jared Odrick, Defensive Tackle, Penn State
No team has been more active than Rex’s Rowdy Bunch adding Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie, LT, and Jason Taylor but Rex would love to add a player that can stop the run and get after the quarterback to his defensive line. Odrick is the best case scenario and may already be off the board if Ozzie and Company has anything to say about it.

30. Minnesota – Kareem Jackson, Cornerback, Alabama
This is a prime spot for Tim Tebow to come off the board if he is going to be taken tonight. I think the Vikings could sit him on the sideline with a clipboard for a year behind Brett Favre (I mean come on Favre is coming back) or a team like say…..Jacksonville could trade back into the first round to select their franchise savior. I think the Vikings will add depth to their secondary and take Jackson a very pro ready corner.

31. Indianapolis – Charles Brown, Offensive Tackle, USC
It is no secret that New Orleans exposed the Colts offensive line in the Super Bowl and they will be looking to upgrade it through the draft. Honestly I think it would have made a ton of sense for the Colts to offer this pick for Jared Gaither, a proven commodity that would also weaken a conference rival.

32. New Orleans – Everson Griffen, Defensive End, USC
Griffen passes the eye test for sure and had he stayed at USC for his senior year he could have been a top-10 pick in 2011. I think New Orleans would love to add a pass rusher to their defensive line after releasing Charles Grant in March.

As you can see I don’t have Tebow in the first round but I really believe he will somehow poke his head into Thursday’s night broadcast and I think he may go a lot higher than anybody thinks.