Finally Doing it Right in Minnesota

April 15, 2010 |

After years of playing baseball in the World’s Largest Tupperware container the Minnesota Twins finally get to play in a Major League Quality ballpark. Target Field opened on Monday in Minnesota to much fanfare. The Twins have built a sustainable, competitive model for their organization that the Orioles would be wise to copy and now have the state of the art ballpark to boot.

It’s interesting that Target Field opened to a sellout crowd on the same day that our beloved Camden Yards set a record low for single game attendance. Camden Yards was once the crown jewel of baseball, producing 6 years worth of sellouts and making downtown Baltimore on a game night the best thing this side of Wrigleyville. I typically make a special effort to go to Opening Day at Camden each year because I know it’s the only day of the year when the ballpark will be sold out and filled with O’s fans.  That’s sad, but I have no interest in partaking in Fenway South or rolling out the red carpet for the bus loads of pinstripe clad Neanderthals from Jersey.

Here’s hoping that the Twins continue to do right by the good people of Minnesota and continue to sustain a competitive team that makes going to the ballpark a special experience.  And not just on opening day, but every day of the season and maybe even the postseason.