Finally, the big 1-0

May 05, 2009 |

Yesterday’s Oriole game was such a nice change from the norm…you can even see it in Trembley’s face how much of a weight that was lifted off his shoulders to finally stop their 6 game losing streak.  Our offense was clicking, even Zaun was 2 for 4 (he bumped that average all the way up to .152) and Roberts stopped his 0 for 18 slide.  They were mostly able to get hits when hits mattered— with runners in scoring position—although they still did leave 8 people on base.  We even had great defense…do you see that amazing catch from Pie?  Who’d a thought that would ever be uttered this season…it may even be an ESPN web gem…AMAZING!! 

Eaton still had a bad start, pitching only 5 innings with 4ER.  But Baez pitched so effectively that it kept us in the game, and allowed us to go ahead, instead of playing catchup.  He has been one of the most consistently good pitchers for us all season, and you could see it from his first outing that it would be that way.  Sherrill, in his usual way, had to make it interesting.  Since he throws only straight fastballs, he has the tendency to never make it a straightforward save opportunity.  In last night’s game, the Orioles went back to looking like typical Orioles…starting pitching is unreliable, but the offense is able to pick them up.  It is still early in the season, with 136 games left to go, but the problems are only going to get worse as it goes on.  And in more bad news, Sarfate is undergoing more tests regarding his numb finger and it’s not expected to know anything more until at least later today, if not later.  Well, on to the next matchup…Koji vs. Garza.  Koji has not pitched since he had a line drive hit into his chest last week.  Hopefully that won’t affect his pitching or defensive skills for today’s game.