Fire in the Belly, Or It’s Belly Up

April 17, 2010 | Marty Mossa

They didn’t look like President Trophy winners, and they certainly didn’t look like Stanley Cup contenders either.  If the Washington Capitals want to look like the former, they better play far better than they did against the Canadians the other night.  The Caps of course lost 3-2 in OT.

The Caps better have some fire in their belly, or they’ll go belly up.  They win tonight (7pm CSN @ Verizon Center) and they’ll even the series.  All they need to do then is split in Montreal to get home ice advantage back.  A lose tonight however puts them behind the “8” ball, and it will be difficult to recover.

Thursday night they played flat.  I don’t know if it was mental or physical.  Were they tired?  Or are they already thinking ahead to possibly playing Pittsburgh in the next round?  Either way they must improve their game tenfold.   The Habs had Alex Ovechkin’s number.  He didn’t even get a shot on goal.

I think that Bruce Boudreau will have his squad ready.  I think they will be flying all over the place.  Thursday in my opinion was a wakeup call.  Tonight the Caps will win going away 5-1.