First Impressions of Bergesen

April 22, 2009 |

Brad Bergesen had a nice pitching line last night in his major league debut- 5.2 innings, allowed 3 runs, with only 1 earned run, and 58 of his 95 pitches were strikes (61%). What an impressive outing. A very nice pitching line for anyone let alone for a major league debut. He worked quickly, threw strikes, and kept his composure. Nothing seemed to bother him.   

 After waiting through a 1 hr 38 minute rain delay, he finally got to pitch. He didn’t waste time going after the hitters. In the first inning he battled the Carlos Quentin, the major league HR leader, with a 12 pitch strikeout. In the 4th, it was 1st & 3rd with 1 out after Ty Wigginton’s error. He struck out Jim Thome for the second time of the night. He gave up 2 unearned runs on hits by Dye & Konerko before Nick Markakis threw Dye out at 3rd. In the 5th he allowed his 1 ER on hits by Pierzynski and Ramirez.

What impressed me the most was how Bergesen kept his composure after the error.  He didn’t have a Daniel Cabrera type of melt down. He just shook off the error and kept throwing strikes. He trusted his fielders and was rewarded by a great throw from Markakis. Throughout the game Bergesen worked quickly and kept his fielders in the game.

His fastball topped out at 94 mph which was a little faster than I expected. He varied the speed of his fastball from 88 to 92 mph making it difficult for the hitters to get their timing down. His fastball had lots of movement. He mostly kept his pitches down in the strike zone which is important in a hitter friendly homerun park.  He used an occasional slider and a rising fastball to keep the hitters honest.

Overall, Brad Bergesen reminded me of Orioles pitchers of old. He was aggressive with the hitters and didn’t waste time. He trusted his pitches and went after the batter. He had 4 Ks but he didn’t try to strike out everyone. He kept his fielders in the game by working quickly and letting them make plays.

I know it was only 1 start & I don’t want to get to excited but I can dream. I can’t wait to see his next few starts and his growth throughout the rest of the season. I hope the Orioles give him a chance to start for the rest of the yr. In Bergesen, we may have found our 3rd starter. Now we have to wait for further development of 2 more starters down on the farm.