Five Questions for Training Camp

July 01, 2008 |

So we are three weeks from the start of Ravens training camp, and like many of you, I have some questions and more than a passing intrigue about what we are going to see in 2008. New coach, new offensive coordinator and a first round pick at quarterback.  Here are some of things I look forward to seeing during camp.

1.  Camp Harbaugh:  Everything we have seen and read seems to indicate a new training camp style and aggressiveness.  How tough will it be?  I am anxious to see the tempo that is set in Westminster; early reports note that minicamp practices are as tough as most training camp workouts under Brian Billick.  Now they are actually going to hit each other legally. One thing is certain, the camp will be much longer than in past years.

2.  Reshuffled Offensive line:  It’s loaded with youth, talent and questions.  How quickly will the group gel?  How does Marshal Yanda do at guard?  Can Jared Gaither somehow fill in for Jon Ogden?  Does Adam Terry look anymore comfortable at right tackle?  Keep an eye on rookie right tackle Oniel Cousins out of UTEP; he seems to be in the mold of former Ravens brawler Orlando Brown. He might be the brawler who gets things going in the summer heat.

3.  The Quarterbacks:  Most media people who have seen minicamp have Troy Smith way ahead of Kyle Boller heading into training camp.  Can he maintain this or does the contact and scrimmage bring Boller back? And all eyes will be on number 5 – Joe Flacco.  His arm and quick learning apparently have Ravens officials excited by his talent.  How close is he to being ready to compete?

4.  Cam Cameron’s Offense:  Cameron has added play clocks to practice, a two-inch deep playbook and most importantly worked on this group’s frayed mental state after years of being little brother to the big bad defense.   Like a kid on Christmas, it will be exciting to see the new offensive and its components.

5.  Veterans & New Coaching staff:  There is a new way of doing things in Ravenland and the big question is how are its long-standing veterans going to react to tougher practices, longer training camp, and some possible roster shuffles.  They don’t get to go home after the second day this year.  Will some veterans pop off and become a surprise cut or do they get with the new program?

These questions and excitement will make this the most anticipated training camp this team has had in a long time.  There will be nothing mundane about this camp.  What has you excited, concerned or just made you curious about training camp?