Flacco has a new teacher!

January 30, 2010 |

It is now the job of Jim Zorn to tutor Joe Flacco, on the essentials of becoming an elite NFL QB.  I am of the opinion that Joe has the tools to become one of the elites, and from what I hear he has the work ethic as well.

In the pro game what determines if your a great coach?  Is it the results that we as fans see, or is there another way to measure how great a coach is.  I’m of the opinion that great players make coaches great in the pro game.  A player who comes to the NFL with great potential will only reach that potential if they put in the necessary work that goes along with his job.  A great coach in the pro game is an excellent manager of people, and not necessarily a great teacher.

It is now the job of Jim Zorn to guide Joe Flacco and get him to the next level of his young career.  I would like to see Flacco’s accuracy improve.  He missed long or short quite a bit on his pass attempts this past season.  He also missed Ray Rice in several key situations,  throwing too high.  Flacco isn’t far from becoming an elite QB, lets hope that Jim Zorn can be the tutor that gets Joe to that level.