Flacco to hit milestone in Cleveland

December 21, 2010 | Paul Hoke

I was going to post a blog today pontificating about the Baltimore Ravens’ (10-4) 30-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints (10-4).  It was a HUGE win, given that it is now crunch time in the NFL, and the Ravens desperately needed to get to the magical win #10.  But enough people have written and commented on what took place down at M&T Bank Stadium last Sunday.  I want to mention something I saw while surfing the Net before the game.

I’m a HUGE stat guy.  Not the goofy Sabermetrics, what would a guy do on Tuesday nights where the moon is full and ten birds fly overhead.  Not that stuff.  I love the real stats.  Yards, touchdowns, ratings, etc.  Now keep in mind that when I watch the games, especially the Ravens’ games, I’m not all that concerned with stats.  If Joe Flacco throws for 120 yards and the Ravens win 21-10, I love it.  If Joe throws for 350 yards, and they lose 34-31, throw the stats out of the window.  But I tool note of something while perusing the stat category Sunday.  Joe Flacco, for his career, sat at 9,807 passing yards for his career.  That meant that Joe had a chance to hit the 10,000 yard milestone on Sunday against the Saints.  It didn’t play out, which I was 100% okay with, it was Ray Rice’s day and the Ravens won.  But now, Joe stands at 9,979 yards, and unless something catastrophic happens, he will become the Ravens’ first 10,000 yard passer in the first quarter against the Cleveland Browns (5-9).

Maybe not a big deal in New England or Indianapolis, but here in quarterback-starved Baltimore, that’s an accomplishment.  In less then three complete seasons, Joe Flacco will do what no other Ravens’ QB has done.

10,000 yards.

Now, I know that this isn’t going to mean anything to his bonehead detractors, but what it means to me is that Joe Flacco is becoming exactly what we wanted from him the day he was picked 18th in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft.  He’s the franchise quarterback we never had.  No, he isn’t perfect, but no QB is.  In a league where names like John Skelton and Joe Webb are starting for NFL teams, having a guy like Joe Flacco should give Ravens’ fans a warm, cozy feeling as we head into the deep chill of winter.  He’s a top 15 quarterback, maybe even top 10.  And in Cleveland on Sunday, he takes another step, and achieves another mark, in what hopefully becomes a long, Pro Bowl filled career.

10,000 yards.

Congratulations, Joe.  And from this Baltimore Ravens’ fan, I say thank you.

GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!