Football or Baseball?

May 09, 2008 |

My question is Baseball or Football town? Well it can’t be a hockey or basketball town. Why? Have you seen that arena or so called arena we have in the city? Horrible at best! I heard they tried to make it into a homeless shelter and the homeless refused to stay in such a run down place. This town is neither, we made a big stink about not having football for years we get a team and let it go to ____. I’ll let you fill it in. When I hear radio ads that kiss up to Steve Airless Mcnair for what he has done for this team and town. ARE YOU ALL CRAZY! He has done nothing and I bet he can’t wait to get out. The draft, really a qb, wow! What they should have done is draft 2 qbs and maybe one of them would work out. Baseball town, maybe in the 70’s and early 80’s. It seems that we have or get a team and we don’t support them. I can remember going to Memorial Stadium and not seeing a Yankee or any other fan not having fun. If you wore a shirt or cap from another team, you got an early exit, by choice or by force. Now the fans from other teams are buying tickets. No pride here just money! Why have a team if you aren’t trying to win! Baltimore is not a sports town it’s a small joke of a sports town trying to pretending to be a bigtime sports city!