April 18, 2009 |

 The first two game losing streak of 2009 for the Orioles and my Saturday morning coffee is as bitter as last night’s crushing defeat.  The poor pitching is starting to rear it’s ugly head for the Birds and this mini losing streak has seen them get outscored 29 to 14.  Yikes.

If you want to be a glass is half full kind of person, it’s nice to see the Orioles have averaged 7 runs in the two losses, which should be plenty to win some games if the pitching ever gets it’s act together.  That, is a big, fat, if.  It might behoove most O’s fans to just sit back, relax and watch the offense do it’s thing.  When the bats are cooking, and they are cooking quite a bit, this is a fun team to watch.  They are leading the American League in slugging and the team batting average is .290.  Every night they take the field the 2009 Birds pack a suitcase loaded with extra base hits.  Then there is the pitching.  You might want to hide your eyes.  A 6.47 era and they have given up more runs than every other team in baseball.  I told you to hide your eyes.

If the first ten games of the season are any indication, it appears if the Orioles are to rest their heads on their pillows at night with a notch in the win column, they will have to bludgeon their opponents with the bats.  It’s kill or be killed for them, but don’t worry too much, because they are packing the lumber.  Let’s all just hope the offense can stay over caffeinated the remainder of the season and guilt the pitching staff into keeping it together at least three nights a week.  It’s great hitting versus poor pitching for this team, so buckle up, take your Dramamine and try to enjoy the bumpy ride.