For Ravens Sunday they truly have to play like a Raven

January 06, 2010 |

January and a new year are here once again ,and with that some familiar grounds for Ravens fans. Once again the Ravens start the 3 game campaign to the Superbowl. This year has come with ups and downs and the 2009 team motto of “Play like a Raven”. At times most of us have thought it means to be a hooligan on the field with stupid penalty’s and bad on field decisions. To miss manage a game with time outs and the crucial 2 minute drives. At times its meant a pure determination to win and to comeback when being down, i.e against the Vikings when most teams would have folded being down that much so early. Im no football or motivational expert by any means, but for the Ravens to win on Sunday they are going to have to “Play like a Raven” as defined by the team. To have passion, strength, good character, intelligence, intensity, and pride to compete. I know that the Patriots are coming to Foxboro on Sunday with these traits. We also need to have these traits ten fold to win. We are a good football team going against a great football team. History has shown that sometimes the underdog can come out on top. We are a underdog and Sunday i believe we can come out on top. Its not about who’s hurt and who’s not hurt. Its about who wants it more, who wants to leave it all out on the field, and who has the mental and physical ability to endure cold brutal conditions in New England against a great football team. Ray Lewis must “circle the wagons” so to speak on Sunday. Rally this football team around him and have the intensity and passion to motivate them to win this game. The talent is here on both sides of the ball, skill wise we can compete with the Pats we proved it earlier this year all be it a loss. We need to come in with the , there is no tomorrow mindset,because there isnt. Again im no expert on any of this , just my thoughts. Enjoy the game Sunday , root hard for the Ravens and hopefully this time next week we will be talking about another showdown with the Colts