For the Numbers: First Half Analysis

July 11, 2010 | Marty Mossa

I’m sure the Oriole faithful are excited about the way they have ended the first half of the season.  Winning four in Texas was just what the doctor ordered for this struggling franchise.  I’m not a math whiz, nor a math geek, but I do love to play around with numbers. 

The Orioles have played 88 games with 74 games left.  Their record is 29-59, 30 games under .500.  If they win out, their record would be 103-59.  Let’s compare this current record with Oriole teams from the past.

The 1966 Orioles went 97-65.  In order for the 2010 Birds to equal that record, they would have to go 68-6 or .918.      

1969: 109-53 Mathematically can’t  equaled.       

1970: 108-54 Can’t be done.

1971:  101-61    72-2 .972

1979:  102-59   73-1   .986

1983:  98-64   69-5  .932

In order for the O’s to end the season .500 at 81-81, they would have to go 52-22 (.702) over the next 74 games.  And to avoid 100 loses, they need to go at least 34-40 (.459).  To avoid making history and losing more than the 1962 New York Mets (40-120), the Birds only need to win 13 more games.  I think that record is safe.