Forget you, Orioles

December 03, 2010 | John West

I really don’t know where to begin. When I get this angry, my first reaction is to look at the numbers.

Adam Dunn is a 31 year old first baseman who will transition into a DH in the next 4 years. When his 4 year contract will be over, he will be as old as the remaining options that are out there NOW for the Orioles.

In the last 8 years, he has averaged 40 home runs and 100 RBI’s.

A quick re-cap……we are talking about a 31 year old first baseman that hits 40 homeruns and knocks in 100 runs a year. Say it with me…”That’s EXACTLY what the Orioles need”

Then we add to this mix the Oriole payroll. Last year, the payroll was about $73 million dollars. As it stands now, with players leaving, the Orioles appear to have a payroll for 2011 around $45 million dollars. They have money, lots of money to spend. They have a couple key positions to fill, the biggest being a power hitting first baseman.

By now, you know what the Orioles did, they offered him a contract that wasn’t anywhere good enough, and Adam Dunn signed with the White Sox for 4 years and $56 million dollars.

If anyone thinks winning is important to these people, I beg you to either make a well thought out argument defending that position, or just stop. The best thing for you is to just stop. Winning is NOT IMPORTANT to the Orioles. Making money IS.

Just because people say this and report this does not make me an Oriole basher. What I won’t do is apologize for the Orioles. This is another example of just what is important to the Orioles, and it isn’t winning. They have to let the “market settle”, which as we all know is code for buying the cheapest, oldest player left available after other teams who are trying to win, spend money on better players.

All I want to do is write about the Ravens/Steelers game. AAHHHH!!!!!!!!!