Former Agent Josh Luchs confesses about giving money to NFL players, Janet Jackson tickets to Ogden

October 13, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Based mostly out Los Angeles, California,  Josh Luchs spent  20+ years of representing mostly USC and UCLA-based NFL-recruits, and after being suspended recently for his involvement between a former partner of his in longtime agent Gary Wichard and a recruit over money, he has decided that he wants to shed some light on the shady aspects of being a sports agent. He mostly talked about agents paying players to persuade them to sign with them, with Luchs admitting he was a culprit.

“I’m not sorry I paid guys,” Luchs told Drew Forrester and Thyrl Nelson Wednesday in a Baltimore radio exclusive with  “I wasn’t giving them money to buy watches and earrings, like what’s happening at UNC. The guys I helped out over the years, most of them needed extra money so they could go buy groceries. So, and I’ve said it before, I don’t regret paying them. I’m sorry it’s against the rules, but at the time there were no laws in place and they weren’t my rules.”

In a recent tell-all article written by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist George Dohrmann of Sports Illustrated, Luchs chronicled his twenty years in the business of representing NFL football players, and admitted that he paid thousands of dollars to dozens of college football players with the hopes of signing them to his agency.

In addition to gifts, he also gave potential clients other gifts such as meals, trips, and concert tickets, all which were considered perks to the relationship between Luchs and his targets.

Luchs said that many agents out there would have gone to these lengths to sign any player, because in the end, every player matters to an agent.