Former Agent Josh Luchs confesses about giving money to NFL players, Janet Jackson tickets to Ogden

October 13, 2010 | Ryan Chell

“The marginal player is just as valuable in the overall scheme of things as the big whale or the big fish,” Luchs said. “Everybody in the food chain serves a purpose, and that player can grant an agent access to another player and places that we wouldn’t normally have access to.

“With a guy who is a decent player in college football, if he needs some help, it’s a lot cheaper over an extended period of time to give him $200 or $300  a month and have him in your corner than it is to give him a piece of the action and have him as a runner down the road.”

And while Luchs was good at what he did, working with and beating the likes of fellow agents Leigh Steinberg, Drew Rosenhaus, Gary Wichard, and many others, Luchs with his recent troubles found out the hard way that he did some wrong things by breaking the rules and he is not only ready to pay the price, but he wanted to educate the common football fan about how sketchy the business really is.

But he needed a venue to do so, and with his recent suspension by the NFLPA, an opportunity came his way in the form of George Dohrmann. And it would have only taken someone of Dohrmann’s resume to bring his story to light.