Former Agent Josh Luchs confesses about giving money to NFL players, Janet Jackson tickets to Ogden

October 13, 2010 | Ryan Chell

“I was approached by a very reputable journalist, George Dohrmann, who won a Pulitzer. When a guy calls you and says’ Hi, my name is such and such, and I have a Pulitzer,’ your ears perk up and you’re going to listen. And I was honored that he would come to me, and I was privileged to have the opportunity to work with him.”

Initially, Luchs was hesitant in his participation in the investigation in fingering not only former co-workers of his who practiced the same principles, but also for naming several of his former clients and friends who took money while still in college.

But Dohrmann told Luchs that if he was not willing to name any particular names, that it was going to be a waste of time, and that his message would fall upon deaf ears.

“He made it very clear to me that unless you’re willing to name names, then nobody’s going to listen to you and nobody’s going to hear your message,” Luchs said. “It became a barter like anything else in life. You’ve got to pay to play. I went ahead and decided that the only way to have the platform to right a wrong was to come clean about everything, and that’s what I’m ready to do.”