Former Agent Josh Luchs confesses about giving money to NFL players, Janet Jackson tickets to Ogden

October 13, 2010 | Ryan Chell

And the list of players-some who signed with Luchs and some who chose other agents-is big. They include athletes like former USC WR R. Jay Soward, Deion Washington, Phalen Pounds, Portland State’s Darick Holmes, and Colorado LB Kanavis McGhee.

He had a long relationship with former top quarterback recruit in Ryan Leaf, who coming out of the 1998 NFL Draft out of Washington State, was neck-and-neck with Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning as the top quarterback to come out of college that year.

Luchs paid Leaf in the total amount of $5,000 to pay off credit card debt over a period of time in the hopes of Leaf hiring him as his agent, but after a falling-out after a party in Las Vegas, Leaf instead chose Leigh Steinberg as his agent but did pay Luchs back after getting his big deal from the San Diego Chargers.

He told Dohrmann that he put $10,000 in cash in front of future NFL stars in DT Dana Stubblefield, WR Keyshawn Johnson, and J.J. Stokes, but they all declined to take the money.