Four Bases with the Orioles

April 11, 2008 |

Okay so maybe we shouldn’t print playoff tickets just yet, but the Orioles’ fast start has at the very least made this early season very interesting.  Here are some reasons on why the team has gotten out of the gate fast as we run around the bases.

First Base:  The revamped bullpen has been lights our so far.  What a difference a few fresh arms can make and just think they didn’t have to spend $42 million for this bunch.  George Sherrill has been terrific as a closer.  Randor Bierd and Matt Albers look to have great promise for the future.

Second Base:  Kevin Millar looks like the leader this club has been missing for years.  No, he is not the greatest player ever, but there is something about his personality that is infectious.  He kind of looks like a throwback player and is a great example for the young players.  This club is having more fun than any in recent Orioles memory, and Millar’s playful attitude is a big reason why.

Third Base:   Although never to be confused with the ‘27 Yankees, this unheralded lineup is really gelling and getting key hits with runners in scoring position.  Nick Markakis is a star in the making, and Aubrey Huff has put down his drink long enough to be a really big factor.

Home Plate:  Manager Dave Trembly has pushed all the right buttons, not only with his bullpen, but also in keeping his everyday players fresh.  Trembly is a great communicator and a no nonsense type of teacher, and so far so go. Because the lineup has been effective, Trembly hasn’t even had a chance or need for a small ball approach.

Extra bases:  The one concern thus far is the starting pitchers. They so far aren’t going very deep in games, and you wonder how long Daniel Cabrera has before the Orioles need to think about his place in the rotation.  It’s time for Cabrera to start realizing his potential and put together a string of strong starts.  Matt Albers’ good start in the bullpen might be a catalyst for a promotion into the rotation the way Jeremy Guthrie’s was last season.