Four Corners in 2012?

June 25, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Every year after the World Series winner is crowned, I look at all the "Big" Four teams that won in that calendar year and their geographic location. For example, this year we had the Super Bowl Champs New York Giants, Stanley Cup Los Angeles Kings, and NBA Champs Miami Heat.

If you look at a map, you would see that the three cities that hosted victory parades this year occupy the four corners of the US. So with that in mind, if we do have the four corner champs, the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's or Seattle Mariners would have to win the Series.

We have some interesting geographic locations for champions. In 2011 with the exception of the Boston Bruins, major championships were occupied in the central portion of the United States. Super Bowl Champs in Green Bay represented the North Central US, Dallas Mavericks represented the Southwest portion of the United States. Finally the St. Louis Cardinals represented the central portion of the USA.

The most geographically central big four championships occurred in 1983. The Redskins won the Super Bowl, NY Islanders won the cup, 76ers won the NBA finals and Orioles won the World Series. The Islanders play in Uniondale, NY on Long Island. It is 275 miles from Long Island to the nation's capital. With Philadelphia and Baltimore within the 275 miles, that is the closest the championship cities of the big four have been.